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We are in the final push to PHP 5.4 and we need your help. Everyone who is using PHP can give us a hand here, regardless of your technical abilities. Facebook employees, take a break from calculating your stock option scenarios and give us an hour of your time. Yahoo and Zynga engineers, take an hour or two on Monday as well. If your managers complain, just blame me.

Some starting points to choose between:

1) Grab the latest code and run the tests:
svn co PHP_5_4
cd PHP_5_4
./configure <add your typical options here>
make test

Then, track down one of the failed tests, assuming you had any, and try to figure out why it failed in your environment. Just cd into the directory of the failed test and you will see .out, .diff, .exp and .php files for that test. They should be self-explanatory. If you figure it out, you can open a bug at with the explanation.

2) Go to and click on one of the shortcut search links you see there. Like the "Most recent open bugs" search. Go in a couple of pages to randomize things a bit and pick one in an area that you know a little bit about. Just a simple, "Yes, I was able to reproduce this problem in my environment" comment is helpful. Or, for many bug reports the reporter misunderstood something, a comment explaining why it isn't a bug helps a lot as well. For documentation bugs, see 3)

3) If in your normal use of the PHP documentation you run across something that isn't quite right and could be better, and/or if you see some really useful user comments that you think should be folded into the documentation, look for an [edit] link near the top-right corner of the page. That takes you to our super-fancy browser-based docbook editor where you can log in anonymously and edit a page and submit the changes to us.
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Cool new PHP G+ page images from +Vincent PONTIER :)
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