Monday Morning in the Sun

Today Dorrie and I sat in the sun for about an hour and a half and we had some very interesting conversations.  One of the most interesting things she asked me is if I plan to get married anytime soon.  I just had to laugh and explain to her that I was not even close to getting married.  In fact, I am about as far from it as I can possibly be.

I asked her at what age are females free of drama and settled down and she said without hesitation, "50!"  Let's just say I laughed very hard at this statement.  I told her that is about the time I would get married.  She said that it would be their second go round at that point.  I fully recognize that but it does not worry me at all.

I am very happy being single as I cannot imagine living a life with someone that brings me down in any way.  That is not to say there isn't someone special out there for me, I just have yet to find her.  

Dorrie also asked me to do some computer research on gout.  I am not even close to a Doctor but I do know how to research.  I told Dorrie I would bring her plenty of information about gout on Wednesday.  She did not feel well when I brought her to lunch as her shoulder was hurting her.  She has also had problems with her feet lately as her shoes do not fit her properly.  They have attempted to order her new shoes a few times but they have yet to fit her correctly.

On Wednesday we are going to sit outside again and hopefully this will make her feel better.
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