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Enlightened Teacher (Enlightenment Teacher)
Personal spiritual enlightenment teaching - Enlightenment Transmission miracles.
Personal spiritual enlightenment teaching - Enlightenment Transmission miracles.

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I am teaching in Helsinki, giving a workshop from 13:00-14:45 on Sunday 16.10.2016 in the Hengen ja Tiedon Messut in seminar room 4T.

Here are the basic details:

Enlightenment Transmission - The Energy That Heals, Cleans And Awakens Visionary Abilities

Enlightenment Transmission - energia joka puhdistaa, parantaa ja herättää näkijänkykyjäsi

Translation available if requested.

I'll update my webpages with a full description by Friday.

Seminar Room 4T
Hengen ja Tiedon Messut Helsinki
Helsingin Suomalaisella Yhteiskoululla (SYK)
Isonnevantie 8
00320 Helsinki

Let me know if you plan to attend. I am curious who will be there. I will be considering an Intensive in Helsinki on a weekend November - let me know if you are interested.

The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching is a real, personal and comprehensive spiritual teaching that allows you to explore the full meaning of life, love, relationships, sexual energy and the energy body. The primary active ingredient is the Enlightenment Transmission, an energetic experience that promotes spiritual awareness and freedom in an effortless, miraculous way.

When did your life actually start? This question is more personally relevant that whether evolution theory is accurate.

It's not a spiritual teaching that is on offer here - the world is full of words that lead nowhere - but access to unlimited dimensions of existence experienced through the human body, the marriage of the physical and the divine. Enlightenment Transmission is that access key.

The most relevant question is : which formats will deliver the most Enlightenment Transmission Teaching in the remaining time available?

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With Enlightenment, the seed of wisdom and knowing, we can be guided  by Light to restart Eden again. 

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