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The Deadpool movie was amazing. Just completely awesome. When you're laughing during the opening credits, you know you're in for a good time.

Sitting down for the Deadpool movie. Please be everything you're supposed to be

Back home, weighed myself and I gained 7 pounds in 10 days of Ireland/Italy. Jeesh.

Been traveling and I've got background data turned off to make these prepaid phone cards last. Never realized how much trouble that option can cause for applications on Android.

In Italy currently; let it never be said that the Italians let you walk away from a table hungry. I counted... 12? appetizers before dinner came. Not even sure I remember them all. Octopus, salmon, crab puffs, grouper, swordfish, mussels, bruschetta, shrimp, shrimp in a cream sauce, anchovies, fried cheese... Then the actual main dish arrived.

Waiting on my plane and about to take off for my trip to Ireland and Italy. Farewell friends

That feeling when you get all your new pieces for a build, break down your current system, rebuild the new system, hit the power button and nothing happens.

I am a horrible geek.

I had never read anything by Terry Pratchett. This last week I read Good Omens, and it was wonderful. To anyone who loves Douglas Adams, I think you'll really appreciate the writing style. And if you'll excuse me, it seems I now have 40+ books of the Discworld series to work through.

There's something uniquely entertaining about being dragged to a Hanson concert and seeing a level 5 broseph one row in front of you fist pumping and singing along to mm bop.

Food and Wine festival... This should have been easy this year, you've already done this so many years in a row. I know that this is not your best. It's obvious you didn't apply yourself this year. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.
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