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Tech Savvy Sherlock Holmes
[This post is work of fiction.] It was in the spring of the year 1999 that all IT professionals were interested and IT giants dismayed by the breakdown of the famous operating system under the most unusual and inexplicable circumstances. The public had alre...

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Macbeth's Witches oops Wishes
(Ref : Wikipedia)  Shakespeare's witches are  prophets  who hail  Macbeth , the general, early in the play, and prophesy his ascent to king.  Upon killing the king and ascending the throne of Scotland, Macbeth hears them ambiguously prophesy his eventual do...

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Memories not Monies
Hurriedly, me and my daughter locked our home after a quick appreciative glance at the mirror and left for a pre wedding function. We were welcomed with all smiling faces and a 'mogra veni' to be put in the plait or bun. The beautifully decorated hall along...

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My Pet is My Family
I remember my childhood with many incidents and anecdotes involving our pets. The many cats and dogs; irrespective of them staying in our home or in the garden or on the streets; all have added color and 'enjoyable' chaos to our lives. Each pet had distinct...

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As per the definition on TechTarget, "Outsourcing is a practice in which an individual or company performs
tasks, provides services or manufactures products for another company --
functions that could have been or is usually done in-house. Outsourcing

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  I feel so much happiness within. The beauty of the world is so great. My body and soul, together is in tune with nature. The excitement brought by mother earth and nature is so much alluring. The chirping of the birds bring immense joy that I can only fee...

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Child Enterpreneurs
The word 'Entrepreneur' has always intrigued, fascinated and perplexed me. 1. Intrigue - it comes due to the curiosity for the word 'entrepreneur', which is used with the term 'child'.   2. Fascination - it comes because of interest in a foreign word that h...

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Communication ke side effects
One day, a mother daughter duo was walking down the road for an evening walk. The daughter looked preoccupied, so the mother asked her the problem. "Oh nothing, much, just that we friends had an argument at school. Tanya is getting on everybody's nerves. Ev...

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Happy Streets @ Kothrud
'Happy Steets' - an event started by Times of India on Sundays for the residents of various parts of Pune city; is some thing that every individual looks forward to. I was no different. I wanted to feel the event on all the 3 Sundays when it was first annou...

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The Rodent in Us All
Our persistent efforts in identifying a perfect pet for our Pune flat, resulted in we bringing home a brown colored hamster; who soon became a family member. The day started with feeding him seeds and vegetables, before actually thinking of a breakfast for ...
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