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Because keeping your computer updated is one of the best ways to keep from having a hacker mess with you. I made the following video. 

Please feel free to comment on the video itself if you have any other methods that can be added it to. 
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I must admit I've never seen a full Unix environment, I'd love to see one in action.

I guess windows is considered cheaper thanks to all the wintel Tech's out there.
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Someone asked me what this was, so I made a quick video on it.
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+ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ are you talking about clicking on the YouTube video or attacks like this?
The IP logger I was showing is just where someone gets your ip address by you clicking on a link. The user doesn't know that this happened, and the hacker can do whatever with the info

Anyways, I'm going to take a look at the attack you're talking about for another video 
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Craig Bennett II

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Believe it or not, if Ritchie didn't do what he did. Then there would've been no apple devices. All of apples OS are running on Unix. (But one OS X. Apple messed that OS up so bad, they quickly reverted back to a Unix based system and never looked back.)

In fact, all of the iOS devices apps (Apple mobile devices) use Objective C or Swift (which is based on Objective C).
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Craig Bennett II

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The Android devs and device makers just need to depricate MMS altogether. It's outdated and obselete. No one even really uses that service anymore because of cloud services. I don't know why they continue to even include this as part of their devices.
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I made a quick video on what 0 day exploits are.

Please feel free to let me know what you think, and what I should do my next video on.
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I have a YouTube channel where I show people how to hack, and I try to teach the same things that you would learn in school or other groups. The hacking playlist is below.
If it helps you, then please feel free to share it with others so it can help more people.
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+Craig Bennett II okay, that's good.
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I just made a Patreon page for my TRH videos. By supporting it, you will allow me to make more videos on Android devices. This will include how to hack with an Android.
Please share this post.?
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!
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Because my  birth day is on the 12. I was thinking about giving everyone out there an app where you can win some money. I'm thinking of making an app where if you are the first to hack into it and prove it. Then you can make $25 USD.
I was thinking about selling an app like this for $5. Is anyone interested into this?
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I'm trying to make a new app where you can send and get messages without unwanted eyes seeing your message.

(Right now, your network, family members (if they own the bill), the government, and others can see your messages as clear as day.)
Wouldn't it be great to know no one else is reading your mobile messages?
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The museum itself is a city or state own museum. This means people who pay taxes pays for it. However, after 40 years of being free. They are now charging $5 per person to look at the real boat. To top that off, they even admit their free 10 minute video is very inaccurate due to some discoveries over the past few years. I understand if a private museum asked for money. But, why would I pay for something 2 times? On top of that. Why am I going to pay for something I can see online for free? If you have to charge. At least charge $1 per head at most. $5 per person gets expensive fast when you bring your family to just see the real boat.
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This is not worth the stay. The staff was very unprofessional and out of uniform. There was no way of knowing if all the people there worked there or was friends of people who worked there. They were smoking at the front, and talking loud around 2 AM every day. There is no perks to staying here.
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After having to see the building for a few days, I think this is something that was made only with kids in mind. There is virtually nothing in the building that is for anyone above 12 years of age.
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This hotel is great in some areas, and so so in others. The staff that I interfaced with was very helpful. However, the maid service did a half way job when cleaning the room. (I'm missing some headphones by the way. After reading several other reviews, I think they have a stealing problem) The breakfast was very limiting, and the floors were always dirty for the 3 days I stayed there.
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Horrible and an unsafe place with a load and a half of gangs. By the time we top off our tank, I've seen a drug drop, a drug pick up, guys dealing on the side of the building, and a ton of people who were openly packing. The station and the employees were OK. The station was somewhat clean
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This is a nice hotel, but it does have worn furniture. Other than that, the only problem is the bait and switch. They advertise rooms as $130, and they are really $300-$500. One thing they should get is someone that will tell you the best places to see.
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