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Pierre Ethier - About Kindness

Kindness is a universal language that blind men see and deaf men hear. If I have to talk about the amazing human abilities I would talk first about human kindness. It separates us from the rest of living things. It exposes our spirit and gives us the means to prevail. If people around us base every action on a conscious kindness our world will be beautiful and our lives will be fulfilled with meaning. If the mankind wasn’t so busy being greedy or power hungry or ego-driven, they would have more time to devote to being more kind. For  some like Pierre Ethier there is “light at the end of the tunnel”.   People without kindness are empty inside.
Kindness comes in many forms and sizes.  Kindness can be something as small as a quick smile or an acknowledging nod. It can be something as large as adapting an unwanted child. Large or small kindness is kindness.
When you are the lucky one and on the receiving end of someone’s kindness never miss the chance to acknowledge them. Don’t ever take a single kindness for granted. Treat each one special like it’s the first one you have ever received. People have shown pretty consistent to claim that one is creating enemies. They never seem to find the key to live in harmony and without conflicts, war or struggle for power. If you are truly kind it is hard to hate. True kindness is a strength to finding peaceful co-existence.
In order to be more kind to others you must first be most kind to you. It is important to strike the right balance between them and you. Kindness makes you feel a certain way. That feeling is good. We are all connected and the kindness thread is an important link that holds us all together in compassionate and harmonious way.
May be you are reading this right now and realize that you have not been cognizant of the importance  of being genuinely kind and what it means to your life and the life of others. It is worthed to be kind to yourself if you want to do better in life. Do simple acts of kindness and don’t look for reward or return. You will be pleasantly surprised how kindness feels.
Once, President Abraham Lincoln spoke to a young soldier who was near death. Lincoln went over to his hospital bedside and asked: “Is there anything I can do for you now?”  The soldier didn’t recognize Lincoln, and with some effort whispered: “Would you please write a letter to my mother?” The president carefully began to write down what the young man was able to say: “My dearest mother, I was badly hurt while doing my duty. I’m afraid I’m not going to recover. Don’t grieve too much for me, please. Kiss Mary and John for me. May God bless you and father.” The soldier was too weak to continue, so Lincoln signed the letter for him and added, “Written for your son by Abraham Lincoln.” The young man asked to see the note and was astonished when he discovered who had written it.
He asked: “Are you really the president?” .Lincoln replied softly: “Yes, I am,” Then he asked if there was anything else he could do. “Would you please hold my hand?” the soldier asked. “It will help to see me through to the end.”
In the hushed room, the tall gaunt president took the soldier’s hand in his and spoke warm words of encouragement until death came.
What makes great people are the simple acts of kindness.
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