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Sorry we've been quiet all weekend. Technical difficulties here at Death Star socmed Ops. Had to send the intern all the way to Tosche Station to get the right power converters. We are back online now, and will be celebrating this momentous day with you.

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Looking forward to my annual Catalina jaunt for my birthday!!!

Music playback issue.

I have a playlist of edm albums. Ones I ripped into iTunes. They play fine in iTunes and on several other devices. But for some reason on my iPhone 7. They don't play, sort of. If I tap on the track it tries to play, the controls start to appear then disappear. However they are there and playable, if I ask Siri to play them they play fine. I tried removing all music, then syncing them back. It did not change the issue at all. Any ideas???

Audio playback bug!

I am running the most current iOS on my iPhone 7. I will be listening to something, then the volume starts to lower and the playback stops!! It has happened with the music app and the Apple podcast app. It happens with my Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth on my car stereo, and using the USB port on my car stereo. It seems random and is most annoying!!!

Any ideas how to remove this bug???

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Having a very annoying time with some email. One of my emails is off my brothers server. All his certificates are up to date, it works fine on everything but iOS! It was fine till recently. Now I keep getting a security error, when it appears it shows up several times in a row, with no apparent way of fixing it. I deleted it from my phone so I could actually use it. But it of course removes access to the account. The little research I have done seems to imply it's a problem in iOS. I hoped the new update could fix it, but no luck. Any suggestions would be most appreciated......
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iOS 10 new issue on my iPad. Since I first got an iPad I have preferred the split keyboard, I tend to be holding it when typing and it is just more comfortable. But in iOS 10 I recently accidentally merged the keyboard. While I can split it fine, I prefer it split, docked. Each time i split it, it moves to the middle of the screen. When I move it down, it re-merges it. Is it still possible to have my keyboard split and docked? If so what is the procedure to accomplish this??

Music controls.

I might be missing something obvious but it seems like some player controls went away in iOS 10. If I am wrong please help me see them. I see shuffle when looking at lists, but it does not seem to have a button to hit just to shuffle what you are already listening to. The other one is the repeat button, I can't find it anywhere. I have a few playlists that are fairly long that I like to have on repeat. Or on occasion want to hear a new song on repeat.

I think Siri can do this, but I still want my buttons. Maybe I'm just old fashioned that way.

Am I missing something? Are they there or not??

I am pondering what to do about my current iPhone, it's a 6. I am planning to upgrade to the seven. But I normally use my old one for another 2 years as a iPod.

The problem is, its acting odd. It turns off saying low battery. Normally when it is only at 50% sometimes it is higher, it just did it at 98%! I have barely used it and unplugged it only two hours ago.

If it's just the battery it is worth replacing, but it seems like it may be more. I tried OS reinstall and anything else I can think of, so far no effect. It been this way about two months and seems to be getting worse. I am a long time iPhone user and have never seen anything like it.

Any ideas???

I have been frustrated by home sharing. I turned it on years ago and it worked fine then. But haven't used it for years. I recently received a Apple TV, I think it's a third gen. In getting it set up I discovered no home sharing computers showing. I went to my pc (pc not mac) and checked, it was on. So I turned it off then back on. Which had no effect. All my devices have it on, but none are showing up on the others. I have the remote app for the tv working, the same with iTunes. iTunes sees the Apple TV for AirPlay, which works fine on all the devices. All devices are on the same network but the sharing just doesn't seem to work. iTunes is current version, same with both my iPad's, and iPhone's. Again all on the same network with home sharing turned on while logged into the same account. I have tried everything I can think of. So I am now looking for outside help. Anyone happen to have an idea of what I am overlooking? On a side note that might be related, most of my iTunes purchases don't show up on the Apple TV either, most videos are there but none of my music......

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