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Nicole Anderson
Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says "I'm Possible"
Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says "I'm Possible"

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New House
Last weekend a co-worker told me about a family friend who was renting their house. My husband and I have been searching for a house for oooh...about a year now. I won't lie, when I drove out there last weekend to look at it, it was not what I expected. The...

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Stop leaving your kids in the goddamned car
This is a rant...feel free to run away screaming at any point. That being said, here we go. I work at the mall and you would not (Literally would not) believe some of the crap I see on a daily basis. Last Saturday I went outside to catch some sun while on a...

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My Wish for You
You guys...I've been at my job for almost six years (minus the six month hiatus I took after I had the baby) and in that six years I've seen and heard a lot of things, I've met a lot of amazing people. When the company started closing studios back in 2012, ...

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Shitty Shoes
I was scrolling through posts on facebook the other day (well more like two weeks ago..maybe..I dunno..I'm sleep deprived, Starz this amazing show called Flesh and Bones  that I may or may not have stayed up watching all night) and I came across this one po...

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Summer Anthology Piece
I volunteered to write a piece for a facebook group's summer anthology. I don't know why I signed up..but I did...I literally wrote like thirty different things before I settled on what I actually wanted to write..and even still I'm like...meh. It's a diffe...

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Cause I'm Not Fine At All
I'm not. I'm not okay. I vacillate between anger and depression. Disappointment and resentment. Some days I hate my life, some days I love it. And the kicker is... There ain't a damn soul I can ask for help. So here I am, smiling and saying everything is fi...

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I will be fine so long as you take me....
Sometimes there are things that live in our minds that there are no words for...little dark monsters that live in the shadowy recesses of our minds...bringing them to light would surely kill them but....we've lived with them for so long that we aren't sure ...

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The Bubonic Plague (not really, I'm being facetious...Or am I?), Me Before You and Pretentious Posturing
Last Thursday I came home from work utterly exhausted. I'm talking dead on my feet, could pass out if I closed my eyes for longer than a blink, exhausted. Brushing it off, thinking it was because I worked all day (I typically only work a few four hour shift...

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Fiction & Truth
It's been a new years resolutions to stop cussing and start journaling have fallen to the wayside...kinda like they do every year. I have been writing...completed chapter eight at like 2 this morning...fixing to start chapter nine in a few minutes...

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Short Story Contest Results
The short story contest officially ended on the 1st of February and I have been anxiously awaiting the results since then. Especially after that awesome email I received about my short. I have literally, LITERALLY been stalking facebook while waiting. I was...
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