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11 tips for final year engineering students to successfully complete their project work.
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How do I prepare myself to study abroad in Canada?

Studying abroad is actually a blessing but when it comes to new routines, people, culture, climate, and friends it is a night mare. Here are the top 6 points to be kept in mind before you consider yourself to study in Canada. This list will help you to overcome some of the unexpected surprises waiting for you in Canada.

1. Get set for culture shock

One of the biggest things that mark the difference between countries is the culture. If you are to visit Canada for the first time then the difference in the culture is very evident. Canadians are friendly and kind in character. It is so mesmerizing to see the student culture in the Canadian Universities. The camaraderie between the students and the institution is very strong. You will witness that majority of the students will wear clothes with the university logo. This gives a sense of pride to be a part of the Canadian universities. The language and the geographical structure of the country are to be studied before you actually travel to study in Canada.

2. Homesick

Everyone get homesick when studying abroad, but how you overcome that depends on individual to individual. It is very important to keep in mind that homesick should not be the reason for you to quit your study in abroad and return to your hometown. The best thing you can do is to put yourself in many activities offered in the International Orientation week. You will meet so many new people who are of your same mind state. It’s a chance to make new friends who can help you throughout your study in abroad. Though you are apart from your loved one through distance, internet keeps you close with tools like Skype, etc. There are so many ways to be in touch with your family.

3. Plan your finance

It is always wise to plan your finance before you start your study in abroad. Keeping a little aside is advisable as you never know what might come into your way. It is observed that you need to take additional courses apart from your regular classes in the Canadian universities. There are project works in most of the courses so you might land up in spending a lot for these extra things. The books and other study materials are expensive in abroad education. Though there are libraries to help you, there are times where you need to buy something for yourself.

The Canadian universities have separate fee for health and dental insurance and it is necessary to take a bus pass to roam in the local places. Try to contact a person in charge of international relations and ask for full fee details this might help you to plan the expenses well in advance and avoid wasting time in such matters. Always consider the exchange rate as well.

4. The Canadian University System

Studying abroad is an experience of a different education system. The relationship between students and teachers is extremely different from what we have experienced in our mother country. Less of classroom training and more of course work is what they do. This is something that we aren’t prepared for. Homework’s and paper works are given priority than the class room sessions. You need to learn to adapt to the new system since the same old you as you were in your hometown will not fetch you good results in the Canadian universities. The grade system is a blessing in disguise for you as you will always be ranked well since you are used to it.

5. The season

We all know that it is cold in Canada, but we never know how cold it is out there until you experience it. Proper winter clothes like boots and coats are a must during your stay in Canada. You might think that it is not required to spend on clothes but it is a must and an unavoidable thing you should first do. Check for the temperature before you start your trip. Don’t damp your bags with clothes before you get there. Always remember you are entering into a new country with new kind of people, new life style, climate and stuff. Your clothes may not suit their style and weather.

6. Have fun trips

Many students go for trips during 'reading week'(one week off in the middle of the semester). You can do research on the nearby places; look at review, events, articles to explore the place. Just studying can make you bore so there is nothing wrong in experiencing life in a new way to make the most of it. All you need to do is plan ahead and act wisely in spending time and money. Look into visas and permits if applicable for your trip.

Organize yourself well and be little distracted from your environment, this will help you to have a safe and splendid educational trip.

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Home - Techiebees
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