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The Wonderfully Wacky Works of Levi Krause and Co.
The Wonderfully Wacky Works of Levi Krause and Co.

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Back like it was never gone (as long as no one points it out), it's... today's new Levi's World!

We named the bard Cornell…

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Just hang in there, you only one click away from... today's new Levi's World!

I mean, you must be.  I’m the only one here.

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You're dropping in just in time for... today's new Levi's World!

Or Cool World. No.  No one wants to be in Cool World.

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Sometimes you miss the answer sitting right in front of you, but there's no reason to miss... today's new Levi's World!

All those pinwheels.  All that baklava.  The horrors…

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For 40 cents more you can super-size... today's new Levi's World!

I feel like if we were forced to have conversations with the stuff that we are about to eat, we’d all wind up with very different diets. Although… cannibals sort’ve disprove that theory.  Unless there’s a language barrier I suppose.  And Lecter usually…

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Fear not, little Tord, you're just in time for... today's new Levi's World!

We would also have accepted The Power of Love, The Power to the People, and whatever Power the Babe had that Jareth kept going on about in that Labyrinth song. I think it was voodoo. Who do?  You do. Do what? How about doing some laundry once in a while.

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Give yourself a high five for managing to catch... today's new Levi's World!

I was just telling Levi today that I have to get myself back into the regular act of posting the strips on time.  And here I am, day almost done, and another deadline barely landed. I just checked to see if I’m actually wearing pants here at my job.…

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While you're searching through the fake grass for the last jellybean, you might just find... today's new Spells!

I’m in the mood for a Cadbury omelet.

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You can take this one to go if you want, there's no wrong place to enjoy... today's new Levi's World!

Cafe Bistro made a lasagna that insulted my entire family.  Plus it had eggplant, and that, my friends, is unforgivable.

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If your stomach has been growling uncontrollably, we're here to feed you... today's new Spells!

Back from Michigan (if you missed that I was travelling, it was mentioned here).  Came home, became infested with plague (again!), and am slowly beginning to feel like a human-shaped thing again. SO THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO THREATEN ME ANY MORE, MR.…
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