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Terry Pratchett: Patchwork Pieces
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See +boardgamegeektv​ interview +Leonard Boyd​ from +Backspindle Games​ about our brand new game, Clacks, based on the books of Sir Terry Pratchett +Terry Pratchett
Interview starts at 5:00 and ends about 5:11 +Terry Pratchett: Patchwork Pieces+Spielwarenmesse#spiel15 #essen #discworld 
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I had a look at the game in Essen, and while the idea of the clacks makes the Diskworld theme feel right, it basically is a code programming bingo. The race against the mail coach in the cooperative game is probably the most diskworld-like theme in the game. Unlike Going Postal, this game is played from the PoV of a clacks enthusiast, though, without any interference by Reacher Gilt.
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The renowned and beloved fantasy author has died at age 66.
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Comparisons with Jonathan Swift ? I have all his books and read them again and again even now I sometimes find a new joke!
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Its friday, and that means #showyourdesktopfriday
And today ive actually decided to honor my favourite author of all times, #terrypratchett
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Terry Pratchett and Linux. Two of my favourite things. I often thought Linux would make a good topic for a diskworld novel. Terry loved to write about the underdog. 
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Meer mensen hebben al iets gezegd of geschreven over het overlijden van Sir Terry Pratchett, maar ik wil toch ook nog even de ruimte nemen om iets te zeggen over wat hij als schrijver voor me heeft betekend.

Het idee dat er nooit meer een discworld boek zal verschijnen maakt me wel een beetje verdrietig.

Snuf snuf

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What a lovely article. Thanks for sharing +Terry Pratchett: Patchwork Pieces 
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The latest patch to the game added a new station called Pratchett's Disc.
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They also put in a station called Leonard Nimoy, located in the Vulcan system.
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As you probably all know by now, Sir Terry Pratchett passed away from this world earlier this week, so to pay homage to the creator of the Discworld series, man
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Danny S has instructions for Apache and nginx if you control your own webserver.
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