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Izabella Kvist
Half Polish, half Swedish fashion blogger
Half Polish, half Swedish fashion blogger

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Anabelle Minerals
photos - Tomasz Pasula make-up - Kinga Michałek (usung Annabelle Minerals) Hej :) Po bardzo długiej przerwie wracam do blogowania! Około tygodnia temu dostałam do przetestowania kosmetyki od Annabelle Minerals a dokładniej puder matujący oraz róź . Annabell...

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Basic but never boring
photos - Simone Damiani (grazie :)) shirt - romwe [ here ] jeans - h&m heels - zara smartwatch - garmin vivoactive [ here ] sunnies - ray-ban [ here ] bag - reserved /EN/
Blue jeans and white shirt. You can dress it up or keep it simple. It's classic and a...

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I don't speak french but I speak fashion
blazer - choices [ here ] bracelets - madam lili [ here ] bag - reserved heels, t-shirt - zara pants - h&m sunnies - ray ban /EN/ This year's spring came, but lasted only a few days and now the only thing outside the window is continious rain, wind, hail an...

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Princess of Monaco
 Photos: Tomasz Pasula [ here ] Make-up: Magdalena Wymysłowska Hair: Agata Miazek dress, bag, heels - zara necklace, earrings - borrowed /EN/ I already mentioned to you on my Instagram that I some time ago had the pleasure to participate in a special phtoto...

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sweatshirt - the fair in Nowy Targ pants, rings - h&m bag - rosegal heels, leather jacket - zara   /EN/ "Foch" is a Polish slang word which people in Poland use to show their anger about something that an other person did, and they doesn't speak to that per...

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tartan scarf - mu mum's coat - second hand shirt, rings - h&M pants, shoes - zara sunnies - ray-ban bag - puccini /EN/ I don't like winter, however, this year I really can't complain about the weather conditions :) Therefore, the outfit that I wore today ca...

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Szcześliwego Nowego Roku!
/EN/ It's high time to say farewell to 2014 and hello to 2015! Just as last year I have prepared a collage of all my outfits from 2014. 2014 has been a very good year, however, I'm so looking forward to 2015 - I already now know that it will be a good year ...

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A gray day
photos - Simone Damiani coat - second hand sweater, bag - gina tricot pants, ring - h&m boots - zara /EN/ Winter is not only about black and gray. The sweater and the boots in powder pink shades brighten up and add lightness to the whole outfit. I have to a...

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Beautiful autumn
photos - Simone Damiani camel coat, sweater - Zara sunnies - persunmall bag - vintage shoes - din sko tights - gatta ring - h&m   /EN/ Fall is officially here and as long as it is not too cold and rainy I'm ready to conquer it! Fall is the season for layeri...

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Keep it simple
photos - Simone Damiani sweatshirt - bershka jeans - primark bag - rosegal shoes - zara rings - h&m sunnies - ray-ban lipstick - NYX (MLS02 )  /EN/ Parisian chic in Szczecin at 'Stockholm kitchen & bar'? Of course! Especially when accompanied by my dream te...
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