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Signal Boost: Templar kit
BattleTech collectors on my feed: Boosting the Signal- TEMPLAR Battlemech in 1/60 scale FCY is preparing a very limited run; a 1/60 scale resin kit of the TLR1-0 85 Ton Assault Battlemech, one of the first Omni-mech designs to come out of the Federated Suns...

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MechLab recap so far
Just because it's cool to go back and see where you are and where you've come from as you look ahead to where you're going.  Next on the plate is likely a scratch build of the Axeman.  I enjoyed the challenge of scratch-building the Hatchetman and Archer.  ...

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AS7-D-DC done.
AS7-D-DC complete. Well, as complete as she's going to get for now.  There are still just a couple things I'd like to do on weathering but overall I'm happy. The camoscheme was ... interesting.  I liked the way it looked in the MechLab, and when I laid it d...

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Atlas build update.
Because I just had to do it, I did it.  Guess "just build and paint it" isn't enough for me.  Since I really couldn't build a decent cockpit for this, I decided to go with the lighted eyes.  Ok, to be fair, I could have built a decent cockpit, but you'd n...

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Talky update
Pretty much just a thinking out loud and get started on the Atlas video. Linky to the video Got some work ahead of me. :)

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Next project: AS7-D-DC
So, it looks like the  next project will be the AS7-D-DC.  I got tired of looking up at my shelf where the DireWolf once stood and I needed some Inner Sphere tech.  I have the WHM-7R that I need to make some decisions on, and the decisions are about the sam...

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Well. Stalingrad.
Playing Soviets in Bolt Action, how can you not have a Stalingrad playing board?  I happen to really like city fighting and the cinematic feel of densely packed ruins on a game board.  Our local gaming store has a city board but it's in FOW scale (15mm) and...

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well... NOW what?
With Prometheus finally completed, and us with a happy AngryHippy, I'm left trying to figure out what to do next. I have several options in the pipeline I could work on.  In just the 'Mech arena alone there are the below: Yamato Destroid mod and painted to ...

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Prometheus Completed
ell, I finally have Prometheus completed and delivered to AngryHippy.  So, now I can put up the reveal pics and video. This was a bit of a challenging project in many ways, and I learned plenty of lessons.  I am becoming much more comfortable with the cockp...

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Prometheus work continues apace. I've been away for a while and not had much opportunity to work on it, but am getting back into it.  As it is, I have the lower legs pretty much completed, with some final filtering details to clean up and finish.  I don't l...
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