Remembering Slim Richey ! - February 11, 1938 to May 31, 2015

Yesterday +Slim Richey, musician extraordinaire, my friend, joined the Big Gig In The Sky. Music and his wife Francie were his life. Details of Slim's fascinating life and musical career can be found at the links below.

I wanted to reflect on how I came to meet and photograph Slim and how much Slim meant to me as a fellow human being and as a photographer.

In 1999, at the Old Settler's Festival in Round Rock, Texas, I was photographing musical performers appearing at this event. There, I met/photographed friendly singer/songwriter +Leeann Atherton  performing. Eventually Leeann became a lead singer in one of Slim's jazz groups. Slim and Leeann were about to record a new album and I wanted to do a recording session photo shoot. Slim granted me permission to photograph the recording session and some band shots. I enjoyed the whole process and learned much. Slim was able to use some of the images for his CD cover and inside photos.

Any event photographer will tell you access to the performers is a major key to getting good images. Slim was an easy-going, kind, friendly person and as a performer had no ego agenda of trying to impress anyone. His musical skills did the impressing! His granting me access to his band made photography much easier. Sometimes I would set up several remote flashes around the stage. Slim seemed to take all my photographic shenanigans in stride and sometimes use the images on his CD covers like the ones he produced with +Kat Edmonson early in her musical career for his band The Kat's Meow.  Slim's doing this was a great boost for my confidence!

When a photographer shows up at an event and the performers warmly greet him; let him know he is welcome as Slim always did, that makes for a great work environment!

Something else about Slim. He was a working musician. He probably worked 4-5 days a week playing gigs, even teaching guitar workshops and international touring. He earned his fans one by one with his great musical ability and by playing gig after gig on a consistent basis.

Slim was a fun loving guy. Several times a year he would throw a musical party for all his friends and professional musical pals. Generally the occasion would be on his or his wife's birthday. I attended one and thought I had gone to musical heaven. Musicians would gather in several rooms of Slim's rustic home and start to play. It was an absolutely amazing experience. There in a home setting were musicians as good as it gets all playing their hearts out. Take a look at this video on 2-11-2005 celebrating Slim's 67th birthday - . The guitarist with the grey beard is Mr. Slim!  This all takes place in Slim's kitchen.  The tunes were: Swing 48, Bossa Dorado, & Big Mamou

Slim's friendliness, patience, talent, respect and being just a nice person won my admiration. He blessed me with the opportunity to step into his life and photograph it. I am deeply grateful. Rest in peace Slim. I will miss you greatly!

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Slim Richey Shown Below At The 2013 +Armadillo Christmas Bazaar on Tuesday, 12-24-2013 with his band The +Jitterbug Vipers !
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