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W.C. Clark - "Mr. Blues" - Godfather of Austin Blues !

On Saturday evening, 8 -11- 2012, you would have found  the blues being played by W.C. Clark at the North Lamar Central Market in Austin, Texas. 

I have always enjoyed photographing W.C..  He has always been gracious in enduring my photographic shenanigans! 

W. C. Clark (born Wesley Curley Clark, November 16, 1939 in Austin, Texas) is an American blues musician. He is known as the "Godfather of Austin Blues" for his influence on the Austin, Texas blues scene since the late 1960s.  In the late sixties and seventies he played with several bands including some with Stevie Ray Vaughn.   Source: Wikipedia

W.C. Clark's Official Web Page:

W.C. Clark's Facebook Page:

SRV and W.C. Jamming (Video):

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Sarah Sharp - Singer, Songwriter, Beautiful Lady !

Here is +Sarah Sharp performing at the 2013 +Armadillo Christmas Bazaar on Christmas Eve 12-24-2013 with +Slim Richey 's Jitterbug Vipers, a rocking jazz band focusing on the music of the 1930s and 1940s.

In an in-depth biographical interview with Sarah in 2004 when she was early in her musical career in Austin, Texas, here is what I wrote about her in the opening paragraphs:

Sarah Sharp, an enchantingly beautiful lady with a million dollar voice, is poised on brink of a fabulous singing career!  Sarah has prepared her whole life for this moment of truth.  Her dues have been paid by hard work, dedication to the rigors of ballet training at an early age, earning a music degree in only three years from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, performing the live jazz and blues scene in London for two years and now has produced her second album of dynamite music, Fourth Person.
Her time is now!  Sarah is not waiting to be discovered.  She is front and center.  She knows the business of music.  She is out on the streets of life knocking on the doors of opportunity.  Some lucky big time record company or music agent is going find a gold mine of talent that sparkles like diamonds when they open their eyes to Sarah’s dynamic voice.  It just a matter of time, a very short time!

Time has passed and due to her hard work, she has become very successful as a singer, songwriter and having her work placed in movies, tv shows and commercials.  Besides her own work, since 2010 she has teamed up with +Andrea Perry - multi-instrumentalist, backup singer, as Kaliyo to produce some wonderful music.

"Sarah Sharp and Andrea Perry  became a duo in October 2010.  Over the following year and 1/2, they wrote over 50 songs together, mostly as works-for-hire for FirstCom music. Their songs have been used in ad campaigns for Chanel, Dell, Macy’s and TV shows such as Revenge & Switched at Birth, & The Lying Game, among many others. Their focus is on songwriting and recording, rather than touring and live performances. They both maintain solo careers."  

Wishing Sarah continued success in the coming years!

Sarah's web page -

The Jitterbug Vipers -

Kaliyo -

Interview - Sarah Shap - On The Cusp Of Stardom ! - 

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Thank you Kevin Karl !
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Shaidri Alrich - Sweet Singing/Sounding/Playing !

+Shaidri Alrich 's sweet singing and violin playing embellished the performance with her Dad, Hank Alrich at Threadgill's North in Austin, Texas on the evening of April 1, 2015 .

Along with the well know father/daughter musical team were Andrew Hardin on guitar and +Chris Alcaraz on upright bass.

Hank and Shaidri's Facebook page:

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Thank you Rumiana Nikolova !
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Taking Your Shot When You Can Get It !

Sometimes when the opportunity to get a cool image presents itself, photographically, everything can be going against you.  The choice becomes do your best at the moment to record something or hesitate and have nothing to show.

The two images below are such a case.  These are actually reflections of Andrew Hardin and Hank Alrich on the glass of a framed image of Kenneth Threadgill hanging on a dark wall.  These were taken of Andrew and Hank performing the evening of April 1, 2015 at Threadgills North in Austin, Texas.

I was leaning against the wall right of the small stage shooting the performers with a Nikon 80-400 mm lens.  It is an old lens and does not focus well in the dark.  A dinner customer behind me got my attention and pointed out across the room if you got just angled so in relation to the framed portrait drawing of Mr. Threadgill you could see the center stage performer's reflection.  To do this I had to quickly stand toward the middle of the dining area in front of paying customers, try to quickly focus and get exposure across the room to a darkened wall to where the portrait was hanging.  I did this a few times during the performance and these images are the best from a difficult situation.

Historically and musically, these images hold lots of significance.  In 1933 Kenneth Threadgill opened a Gulf filling station, which would ultimately become Threadgill's restaurant, just north of the city limits of Austin, Texas.  On Wednesday nights, his musical pals would come over and play music together.  In the sixties, Janis Joplin started visiting Threadgills and she would join in and sing there.  This is the place where her talent was developed.  

What we have here is two reflections of musical performers following the footsteps started by Mr. Threadgill many years ago.  Interestingly, Hank Alrich was the last manager of Armadillo World Headquarters (1970-1980).  At the last performance on New Year's Eve 1980 at the Armadillo World Headquarters, Kenneth Threadgill was one of the last performers to grace its stage.  In a sense, Hank and Mr. Threadgill are performing once more together!  Remarkable!

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Thank you Tracy Brown !
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Andrew Hardin - No April Fool!

Extraordinaire guitarist #AndrewHardin   accompanies Hank and +Shaidri Alrich with +Chris Alcaraz  at Threadgill's North in Austin, Texas on April 1, 2015 for an evening performance.

Guitarist Andrew Hardin lives outside Austin, TX, and has been performing with a diverse group of artists: Jimmy Lafave, The Burns Sisters, The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Audrey Auld, Michael Hearne, Susan Gibson, John Fullbright, and others.

He is well known for his exciting acoustic guitar style, and also wields a mean Strat or Tele, assimilating blues, country, rock and jazz styles into his own inimitable sound. He recently released a 15 song retrospective album of guitar instrumentals of his own entitled “Lost Pines.” -

Andrew Hardin's Facebook Page -

Hardin/Burns Web Page -

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Thank you freebird forever !
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Paul Johnston

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102-year-old Alice Barker watches videos of herself dancing for the first time.

Wonderful to see her getting some joy at seeing herself at a much younger age!
"Making me wish I could get out of this bed and do it all over again."
102-year-old Alice Barker watches videos of herself dancing for the first time.
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Suzanna Choffel - Singing Portrait !

Wonderful performer/singer/songwriter with a great stage presence and a flair for fashion!

Appeared at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar (Austin, Texas) on Saturday, 12-22-2012.
+Suzanna Choffel  Web Page -

Suzanna Choffel - Raincloud (Official Video) -

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Thank you R.J. Cichocki !
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Hank Alrich - Americana Music At Its Best !

Mr. Hank Alrich (singer, songwriter, musician, Americana Roots Music Master) at Threadgill's North in Austin, Texas on the evening of April 15, 2015 .

Along with her father Hank were daughter +Shaidri Alrich  (guitar, violin) and the musical team of Andrew Hardin on guitar and +Chris Alcaraz  on upright bass.

Hank and Shaidri's Facebook page:

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Thank you Rumiana Nikolova !
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Kat Edmonson - On Late Night - With Asleep At The Wheel !

+Kat Edmonson  appeared with +Asleep at the Wheel on 4-13-2015 on +Late Night with David Letterman promoting Asleep At The Wheel's new album Still The King celebrating Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys.

I have been fortunate to photograph Kat over the years.  She is a very nice person and lots of fun to talk to!  I've always known she would be very successful and be one of the great singer/songwriters of her musical genre after all is said and done.

Below is a video of my images of one of her Austin performances with +Slim Richey 's band The Kat's Meow with Kat , of course, being   The Meow  part!  ;-)  I took these of her performing Fever back in 2005.  Enjoy!

Go Kat!

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Thank you Rumiana Nikolova !
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Janis Joplin - Meet Mr. Threadgill !

In 1962, Janis Joplin came to Austin, Texas.  She was a member of the Waller Creek Boys (Janis Joplin, Powell St. John, Larry Wiggins), a band which took its name from  Waller Creek which runs through the central part of Austin.  Julie Paul was driving her sports car in the University of Texas area when she saw these three and asked them where they were going.  They were going to play at a party.  Julie went to the party with them and the next Saturday night took them out to Threadgill's to play with the other friends and customers of Mr. Threadgill.

Janis would have felt a little out of place initially at Threadgill's as she was a different type of person; however, Mr. Threadgill had a very diverse group of patrons and was very tolerant of all.  He took a liking to Janis and she took a liking to this white haired older gentleman that could dance a low stepping Charleston, yodel like Jimmie Rodgers and in her words, "Sing like a bird!"  

The singers and musicians would gather around a round wooden table with everyone else sitting on any and everything they could.  A microphone was passed around the table for each performers turn at entertaining.   Silver Threads And Golden Needles was the first song Mr. Threadgill remembers hearing Janis sing. Over the next year before Janis went back to San Francisco, Janis would continue to perform with the Threadgill crowd which was becoming larger because of her growing talent. 

Over the years, Janis and Mr. Threadgill would keep in touch as she would visit Austin.  In 1970 at a birthday celebration for Mr. Threadgill, Janis attended and performed. Congressman J. J. Pickle also attended and commended the "Father of Austin Country Music" as a legend.  This was just three months before her death on October 4, 1970.

After his wife died in 1974, Mr. Threadgill closed his business. It was boarded up. On one piece of plywood covering a window, someone had spray painted "Janis sang here!" Eventually, the property was sold to Eddie Wilson who turned it into Threadgill's, the restaurant. Wilson was a former owner of The Armadillo World Headquarters. Later on, a second Threadgill's restaurant was opened in the downtown Austin area.

Strarting from a small gas station, Threadgill's would have a huge musical heritage with the people associated with it. It's original location is at 6416 North Lamar - Austin, Texas 78752.  Austin's  motto is the "Live Music Capital of the World".   Janis Joplin and Kenneth Threadgill helped make this happen!

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Singin’ the Yodeling Blues - The story of Kenneth Threadgill and friends at his famous filling station. -

This video was from graduate student, Claude Anthony Mathews, in the department of Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin from 1981 through 1984.  He created this video documentary for his Master’s thesis entitled, Singin’ the Yodeling Blues, which illustrates the musical interests of Kenneth Threadgill and his friendships with Texas musicians who performed at Threadgills, his restaurant and music club in Austin. Musicians featured in the documentary include Jimmie Rodgers, Kenneth Threadgill, Bill Neely, Mance Lipscomb, and Janis Joplin. The documentary also mentions Powell St. John and Julie Paul, two Austin folk singers who performed with Janis Joplin in her first appearances at Threadgills in the early 1960s.

Powell St. John on Janis Joplin and The Waller Creek Boys -

Legendary Ladies of Texas, Issue 53 -

John Kenneth Threadgill - The Handbook of Texas -

So Sad To Be Alone - Janis Joplin - self recorded -

Janis Joplin 1962 St James Infirmary - Possibly recorded at Threadgill's? -
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Thank you Rumiana Nikolova !
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Leeann Atherton - Lady Liberty And More!

First met +Leeann Atherton  in 1999 while photographing the 12th Old Settler's Festival in Round Rock, Texas.  Afterwards in my interview with her, the intro sums her up:  

Leeann Atherton, one of the nicest and friendliest Texas southern belles you would ever want to meet, is now one of Austin's own singer/songwriter treasures. This lady can sing the blues too! Take a little South Carolina charm and add a big Texas heart; take a pinch of Janis Joplin's blues belting ability and free spirit; add a little Marcia Ball and Aretha Franklin for spice, plus an auxiliary of talented song writing friends. Oh yes, don't forget to include a little Carolina beach music and you will have yourself a real sweet cookie of a singer named Leeann!

Since then, she has continued to spread beautiful musical goodness and friendship all around!

Leeann's Facebook Page -

Leann's Web Page -

#leeannatherton   #austin   #austintexas   #austinchamberofcommerce   #austinnewsstory   #newsstory  
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Thank you Eve Aebi !
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Cast Your Vote - Photographer/Designers - Mash Up Teams

                                    Austin Fashion Week !

Vote here:

for the various fashion designs you like for the #2015AustinFashionWeek .

Mash Up Teams are a combination of photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, clothing designer, jewelry artist/designer and model coming up with a creative visual showcasing the various fashion elements for +Austin Fashion Week.

Voting closes April 9, 2015 at 5:00 pm

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