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Harry's a great authour who hasn't quite found the success he deserves yet, and for my money this is his best book. This is a steal.
Thanks to a Bookbub promotion from Del Rey, my first novel is only $0.99 for the Kindle. For a limited time only, naturally.

If you've been meaning to check out my work, now is an opportune time to read a book Publishers Weekly put on their Best 100 of 2009. 

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“The Mercy We Make”, the first tale of Oshala the Hex, now available.

My first foray into sword-and-sorcery fiction is now available!

I’ve never found the “sword” quite as compelling as the “sorcery”, so the main character of my stories, Oshala the Hex, is a sorceress who has sacrificed part of herself in exchange for magical power that few others possess.

In this first short story, “The Mercy We Make”, Oshala the Hex is a solitary figure who breaches the stoic mountain fastness of a long-forgotten emperor in search of an ancient artifact. The undying spirits within welcome a new, living soul to torment. But who will get the better of whom? Can Oshala the Hex escape where multitudes have fallen? Will her mission of mercy end in triumph, or eons of unending torment?

Check back next month for a new tale of Oshala the Hex.

The first 5,000-word tale is now available from these fine retailers:


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"Because Ali stood on his own, his impact was special. He wasn’t pursuing a political agenda; he wasn’t bolstered by organizational support. He was simply a guy, not sophisticated, not well-learned, not an expert in foreign policy, but someone who knew right from wrong"

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A very interesting, just the facts account of a rivalry I knew nothing of between Jackie Robinson, in my opinion an underrated civil rights figure, and Malcom X for the newish ESPN website The Undefeated.

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An interesting question, and one I haven't seen framed so clearly or so well before. This goes well beyond the sports context of this article in our increasingly multi- (and poly-) cultural societies.

(In case it is relevant to you, the author is African American and one of the most prominent sports writers in America thanks to his regular appearances on several ESPN talk shows)

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This is a great game that uses a sadly overlooked system (PDQ) and, if nothing more, is quite a good example of basic setting presentation. Grab a copy while they last.
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies is out of print, but we found a few remaining boxes of it we'd like to clear out. So while supplies last, you can grab it from our webstore at 50% off — the same price as its PDF version.

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Not sure how many of you this is relevant to, but, really, take your safety seriously.
Dear Women (or anyone) who has been harassed by GamerGate:

If you attend or work at a University, please tell your University Security and Violence Prevention people about it.  Let them know so they can help you deal with it and make suggestions to improve your safety.  

If you are at the University of Washington, SafeCampus WILL have your back.  I have spoken to one of their people, and they are thinking of pre-emptively contacting the Computer Science Department to ask them to let their female students know that they are a resource for their safety.  

The UW Police Department also has a Victim's Advocate who is well versed in Cyber-harassment and Cyber-stalking.  They will help.  

Feel free to share this and spread the word. 

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The first edition of With Great Power… is one of my favourite superhero RPGs, and now that Michael has had a few years to polish and improve it, I have little reason to believe it won't stand alone atop the genre now.
Incarnadine Press is proud to announce that With Great Power: Master Edition is now available for sale as PDF only. Print sales will follow in the next few weeks.* Additionally, all purchasers will receive epub format at no additional cost by May 1, 2016.

To buy the PDF via Payhip:

Details and updates are available at the Incarnadine Press website:

Use the hashtag #WithGreatPlay on your favorite social media to connect with other players.

With Great Power: Master Edition was cloned from the personality engrams of Swords Without Master. It is proud to be Descended from MonkeyDome.

With Great Power: Master Edition is the most fantastic, amazing, strange, invincible, astonishing, incredible, mysterious, and downright uncanny Superhero Role-Playing Game of them all!

*Purchasers of the PDF version during this interim period when print is not yet available will receive a discount on the print version to make up the difference.

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