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Word Of The Day : India
A Word a Day.
A Word a Day.


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Precocious - Prematurely developed, as the mind, faculties, etc. - Exceptionally smart, ahead of age in understanding. - Showing mental development or achievement much earlier than usual. Image Credits : Piyush Garyali  Usage : - The precocious Narasimhadas...

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Duress - Compulsion by threat or force. - Threats used to force a person to do something. Image Credits : xwingfighter2002  Usage : - My confession to police was under duress : Sreesanth - Confession of Kasab was not given under duress : Court 189 #WordOfTh...

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Encomiums - A formal expression of high praise. - A piece of writing, speech, etc. that praises someone or something. Image Credits : Elaine Faith Usage: - Encomiums to an ancient city of vibrant culture. - Mr.Karu...

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Sacrosanct - Treated as if holy :  immune from criticism or violation. - Thought to be too important or too special to be changed. Image Credits : Britta Frahm  Usage : - Minimum wage policy must be treated as sacrosanct . - Religious doctrines are regarded...

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Chicanery - The use of tricks to deceive someone. - actions or statements that trick people into believing something that is not true. Octopus, a master of deception. Image Credits : Daedalus_23   Usage : - The world will be watching how this tale of politi...

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Ebb - The movement of the tide out to sea. - Move away from the land; recede. Image Credits : criana  Usage : - Morale seems to have reached its lowest ebb. - Woman workforce on the ebb. - The country was at a low ebb due to the recent war. 185 #WordOfTheDay

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Anathema  - Someone or something intensely disliked Image Credits : zeevveez  Usage : - Computer games and education may not be anathema to each other after all. - Jayalalithaa believes family rule anathema to democracy. - Birth control still anathema for m...

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Plebiscite / Referendum
Plebiscite / Referendum - The direct vote of all the members of an electorate Image Credits : nodigio  Usage: - The issue will be decided by plebiscite . - They are going to hold a plebiscite on the question of national independence. 183 #WordOfTheDay

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Ablution - An act of washing oneself, especially as a religious ritual. Image Credits : Phil McIver  Usage : - Swami Vivekananda emphasises the shedding of accumulated inner dirt to all pilgrims as against mere external ablution , since the purpose of all s...

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Fiendish - Excessively bad, unpleasant, or difficult. - Diabolically cruel and wicked. Image Credits : Michael Taggart  Usage : - Are You Smart Enough To Work At Google? Fiendish Puzzles And Impossible Interview Questions From The World’s Top Companies. - C...
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