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“Such a beautiful place, to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend… Harry Potter."

This scene will always be very sad  ):
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I dat your baby or father
loved dobby....he lived on in our hearts
i know. i loved him in the last movie.... :'(
eu tentei nao chorar no Reliqiuas da Morte (Parte 1 e 2), mas eu nem morrer de rir ou acabam brotando com lagrimas...
I have never cried at books before but in The 5th to 7th Harry Potter books, i Bawled my eyes out!
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It will...harry potter is the most epic series ever!
I love harry potter I got all books read and all moves big fan. 
I don't like Harry Potter but I always liked Dobby, so sad😢😰😩😫
this is one heart break that even peanut butter cant fix 
Dobby was the best....He always had Harry's best interests at heart, even though he almost killed Harry multiple times in the process. Nevertheless, he was, unknown to many, a very important character throughout the series. Who knows what Harry would have done without Dobby all those years...He was kind friend to Dobby and that is all Dobby ever needed. A friend.
forget larusso dobby is the best around
it stinks because mad eye and hedwig also die 
"Here lies DObby.A FREE ELF." sad:(
Its fine,no hard feelings,right? Anyway,Dobby was one of my favourite characters and when he died ,well it seemed like a part of the hp world had died with him... 
R.I.P Dobby, you will be forever loved and missed :'(
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I think you guys really love Dobby (=
When I watching this moment always want cry
I love harry potter!!! I watched that movie poor Dobby!!!
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