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Lucid thinking
Video channel dedicated to sharing accurate and profound life-changing insights
Video channel dedicated to sharing accurate and profound life-changing insights


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Lucid thinking is dedicated to sharing profound and accurate insights to some of the basic questions we ask ourselves.
Questions like: "Who am I?, What is consciousness?, What is good?, What is bad?, What is real?...

These questions, that may haven't found clear answers even in the minds of great scientists and philosophers, in fact, do have answers which are clear and concrete.
Furthermore, these answers are within reach of each and every one of us, and in order to find them, all we need to do is to make our thinking more lucid...

So, if you too are a seeker of the truth,
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One of the most profound questions to ask on the spiritual path is "who am I?".
In This short video, you will find an answer to this very question.

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Who am I?
This question has echoed in the mind of human beings since the beginning of time. Do you want to know who you really are? In the following video you will find the answer...

#Who_am_I #self #consciousness #philosophy

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What is consciousness?
This short video explains in a detailed way some of the basic misconceptions many scientists hold in the pursuit of explaining consciousness, and clarifies the nature of consciousness and some of its basic properties.

#consciousness #mind #psyche #science #philosophy

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Am I the brain?
Is the self is a product of neural activity in our brain, or does it have an existence that is independent of it?
This is a deepening video to the video - "who am I?"

#brain #who_am_I #consciousness #neuroscience

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The question of Identity of the self is old as time. Western philosophers have struggled to find an answer without result. This wonderful video by Ted-Ed shows the complexity of this question, and the difficulty western philosophy has encountered trying to solve it.
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