rebuilding channels fresh daily

had a day today wherein i wanted nothing to do about signalling
came home today with this on the screen:

damn do i ever love signaling - Session Description Protocol - SDP Extensions for SIP Instant Message Sessions - webrtc - - Multiplexing Negotiation Using Session Description Protocol (SDP) Port

building tubes is where it's at! tubes hold signal, yo.

major-league favorite from earlier this week -
because, everyone really ought be reinventing http primitives. node's success is for doing just that.

webrtc having a native impl as a living spec is a tact what other software has taken? instead of idl, it's implementation! daffy!

i am an unequipped craftsmen in this realm. i need real evidence, seeing this stuff in motion, stat. without knowing there is nothing. and, as we all know about anything worth knowing, it's deserving of url too. axiom 0a,

last, this field is awash in amazing reinvention and coming together, restitching of existing infrastructure. it's breathtaking. largely the focus seems on MediaStreaming systems. "it's interesting" nudge nudge how little derivative work we've seen related to use of the other major channel being carved out in this breathtaking flurry of reflow: DataChannel.
(also, surprisingly happy to be using Opera right now)
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