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Awwhhh please no Intel! The GT3e needed a fairer shot. Really sucked not having any laptops around here to buy. I really wanted a semi-affordable laptop with a fast close memory pool to play with. Would be very sad to see Iris Pro go.
Missing for another generationChipzilla appears to be quietly pulling the plug on its high-performance Iris Pro graphics. The dark satanic rumour mill...
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Where-in it turns out Microsoft is a sane, responsible company finding elegant responsible ways to take us from the messy past in to the future (Secure Boot) and the teen aged upstart everyone rooted for could well be trashing human's ability to get under the covers of their tech,

Android, the only open source project designed with such security that you cannot run it, only buy it?

I expect some companies will offer legal unlocks, but this still seems far suboptimal vs Secure Boot &c, which allow users to change keys, enforce their own model of security, rather than simply turn security off to meddle.
Not being able to root the factory software on a phone that ships with Android 7.0 is a really good thing. I hope that never changes.
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Hey, look what's coming to town! I like this infinitely more than flying delivery drones, an idea which for all but the truly remote places needs to buzz right off!
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GRON "Make JSON Greppable"
Really waiting for this one to save my bacon. It suggests to me a lot. Newline delimited JSON is very popular, but with something like Gron, there can be a concatenative stream against a global state. After all these years of trying to hone in on what a json patch could or ought be, after collaborative JSON editing, after JSON Operational Transforms, the idea that the best way to express and serialize literals and perhaps their changes might be assignment expressions... it didn't seem likely, but Gron seems compelling, well beyond being an human-accessibility hack for the data-structure we all know/love/have-to-use. There's a lot of reactive, log-oriented, inverted-database think going on, and what goes on to the line is a natural second question, one that Gron- to me- brings new light to.
gron - Make JSON greppable!
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Nearing a 5GHz overclock on the stock cooler- if true, most impressive. Nice seeing the MHz finally creeping up again, after a long long post Pentium 4 winter.
AMD's flagship Bristol Ridge APU, the A12-9800 has been overclocked to a 4.8 GHz on air, using the latest ASUS Octopus AM4 board.
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Ok, so, kind of a glum spell for tech and policy, or so it feels. Wifi Alliance- the day of the +Open Technology Institute's debate over LTE-U co-existence- announced they are spearheading co-existence acceptance testing, for letting the big carriers come in and use the public airwaves, make use of our spectrum. I'm making it through the video, but I have a hard time as seeing this as good, in any way, for consumers, and I don't understand how it's going to help carriers other than by denying and degrading competitive technologies.

And also +Ars Technica covered an FCC delay on Unlock the Box, an iniative that seems drastically watered down since I last reviewed. My recall was that this was going to allow for a competitive app ecosystem, but the recent version sounds like it's only going to ask cable companies to develop apps for some of the top, well known operating systems. Rather than freeing consumers from the cable company user experience trap, the new Unlock the Box plan insists cable companies themselves provide some limited subset of the already limited STB capabilities elsewhere. This sounds like hardly any improvement at all, of incredibly un-ambitious useless scope.
A Washington, D.C. think tank on Wednesday hosted the first event to feature representatives from both sides of the LTE-U debate since a contentious agreed testing framework was created several weeks ago.
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Wifi Alliance's announcement:

I'm very curious whether LTE-U co-existence stations have to abide the same EIRP (power output) regulation as consumer wifi or no. Is it even a competition, or do carriers get more vocal range than the public?
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I've long thought structural tubes and beams might make interesting batteries, that redundant structure of a battery cell and vehicle frame might be combined, but this loon over here (wahoo) thinks we should make entire wings gigantic structural batteries. Which I'm down for.
Luke Workman is a complete maniac. He's also one of the world's leading lithium battery pack designers for electric vehicles, and he's come up with a revolutionary battery design that he says could bring on clean, quiet, long-distance, commercial-scale supersonic airliners.
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I was fairly disappointed I had to make this Ansible filter last night- all it does is exclude object properties with undefined/empty values. It lets me have a full, flush object structure, but defaults for each property be empty, and if so empty, not end up being defined at all. If `omit` (the undefined of Ansible) properly omitted itself during a to_json filter, all would be well, but Ansible doesn't seem to have any way to un-define a property what-so-ever.

I had a ton of different attempts to work out something similar without writing my own filter. My memory isn't great but I think I had some reject filters that worked, and had some interesting object generators that I thought would work, but ultimately I kept ending up with more generators and perhaps it was just me but I didn't see any way to reconstitute them, and I kept ending up with weird magic strings for values.
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If "Andromeda" Android+ChromeOS is real, and drm_hwcompser+wayland is the platform, I would be infinitely excited. Reveman confirmed that the ChromeOS Wayland compsitor would have no problems running normal Linux programs. So not only would we have a platform for Android + ChromeOS, but progress on that platform, those graphics drivers would advance the common good, and the platform could, for those with a circuit bending outlook, mix a lot of the really good freedesktop work.
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Chrome about to ship the only possible way to see which input device fired an event. Good that it's possible (again, after once being removed, iirc), but this one specific capability I'd really like to see in UI Events.!topic/blink-dev/UY1EfjaGF_E
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Ton of people found out they are Twitter blocked by AlterConf, which which is a conference and cause I believe many of them support. It was a bit of a mystery, but this seems like one of the more plausible explanations:
@rem @brianleroux me too. my best guess is it’s because we all follow a certain former Mozilla CEO on twitter.

Doesn't feel great being blocked here. More infantry caught up in increasingly mechanized culture wars! I fully believe in the causes of AlterConf, but the ways that we build to moderate others and secure ourselves is itself a thing requiring care and consideration, can itself rapidly tend towards control and authoritarianism and abuse. Make love, not war!

There's a long scope that real cultural victory requires, and many of the immediate things we do win battles, repel attacks, can be things that lose the culture war.
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I subscribe to some automated block lists (but not the one that AlterConf uses). Until now it's been fine (AFAIK), but at some point the automation will probably block someone that I didn't want to block.

That's unfortunate, but for me the alternative was to leave Twitter. I get a lot out of Twitter, but in many ways its a toxic environment. As a rich white guy living outside the US I don't have to worry much about doxing, gender-based abuse, threats of violence etc. for others its not a safe space and they can't really take part in it.

So if I'm using a space to network that is effectively unavailable to many people, that feels uncomfortably like doing business in the sauna, the golf club or the masonic lodge. Effectively it is locking out people with less privilege than me by choosing venues that they are excluded from.

My ideal would be to network on Clean-Twitter, a fictional version of Twitter where the abuse doesn't take place. Since that doesn't exist, the principled thing might be to leave Twitter, but I enjoy it too much for that. My compromise is to join blocklists, which puts me in a large subset of Twitter that hopefully resembles Clean-Twitter, and which is accessible to others who want to join the blocklists. I don't know how to measure how that works, but as I say, so far I'm not aware of anyone it has blocked that I wanted to interact with.
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