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I'm so fucking depressed over the state of wifi. I'd trusted that Qualcomm Atheros was making ok product, in spite of no one else releasing new chipsets, but I discovered this week that QCA has been disability the ability to adjust the "coverage class", the distance that the adapter will work across. If you want more than ~200m range, you need to not be using Qualcomm, which in all probability means using wifi chipsets dating back to 2013. The old 802.11ac Realtek USB I've had around for years and ignored is probably the best chance I have of making any even moderate distance link, and that makes me very sad. There's no good mini-pcie devices whatsoever. It's so sad to see madwifi having gone from OK through to open and now back to such controlled tragically bad junk with awful controlling fascist drivers, the whole cycle taking around 12 years. Freaking pathetic, and it's so woeful how little competition there is for what could literally be the most important computer technology ever standardized.

I really really hate you for ruining this QCA, really really badly. Not even counting the fact that I just bought another QCA card last week, which would be extra spite for your trickery and deceit and ruin.

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Woo another man-fanned small VTOL making it's maiden flight. I think this one is battery powered? And looks like it has passenger space. Very small, an incredible flight test video, looks like an incredible floating pod. Heck yeah, Lilium:

Recently, Lilium, Aurora Flight System's Lightning X Strike,

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Woo another man-fanned small VTOL making it's maiden flight. I think this one is battery powered? And looks like it has passenger space. Very small, an incredible flight test video, looks like an incredible floating pod. Heck yeah, Lilium:

Recently, Lilium,

All the food I like get cancelled-
Freezer bags of southwest-style corn
Open Nature's Green Chili Chicken Enchilada
Tostino's Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls
SodaStream Lime and Energy Mango flavor
Nabisco Oreo White Chocolate cookie bar

It's supremely awful that structural unemployment is going up, and real estate continues it's march ever upwards. That and the rising tides have me more scared than the rest of the particularly shitty backwater world politics that's crept out at us all.

I hear international investment as a source of blame for real estate prices. US real estate has certainly been a very good investment for a very long time, with only some small stumbles along the way. I would be curious to know the extent of the issue.

My superficial want is just to tax the shit out of housing capital gains, but I suspect that wouldn't have the impact I desire which is a significantly better buyers market for individuals and families. 

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Checkpoint restore REALLY in userspace! Atom is saving intermediary state to allow it to hot reload.

Recently, V8 adds custom snapshots,

I'd really like some aggregate statistics on the 1040 form. Can we FOIA request the % of people who have a non-zero/non-empty entry for each field on their 1040?

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Nooooooo! Android world covering it's own ass ITT. This is entirely about creating some defense for the millions of not billions of phones and embedded devices. Makes sense I guess and is needed and I'm not too afraid of vendors still using 3.18 but kernels are SUPPOSED to end of life. You are SUPPOSED to provide updates to hardware to keep it SECURE as problems develop. The only way to do that that I know is TO SHIP NEW KERNEL VERSIONS to devices. Otherwise your usable lifespan is AT BEST ~6 years (3.16: born 2014-8-3, extended longterm (rare!) ends: 2020-4) before you have to face the fact that you built a product you knew would fail and become insecure and hacked and probably unusable and/or unsafe and which you knew would happen and a fact which you DECIDED to ignore AND omit from mention.
I don't know how long I'll keep doing this, so if you care about 3.18, please contact me to let me know the expected lifespan of your device.

hint, use 4.4 or 4.9 or newer PLEASE, if your vendor refuses to do so, switch vendors, it's the only way they will learn
Only use vendors that consistently roll new kernels for their devices, or acknowledge that your product is going to be eWASTE in probably less than half a decade.

Some Twitter convo in this area recently- I had some similar opinions
Open doesn't mean much to me. Plenty of open Board Support Packages forked half a decade ago and last updated years ago.

When cve's go out you won't be on some hacked together heavily altered little island of an ancient fork. You'll have a chance.

But TProphet had the exactly right framing-
Open vs. closed source is a religious argument.
Secure vs. insecure is an engineering argument.
Don't confuse the two.

I am absolutely infuriated by Google Chrome's new tact of later restarting dead tabs. Literally every time I come back to my laptop now it is a hot melt mess. Seriously fuck you whomever did this could literally be destroying my hardware.

I'm going to have to re-invest in tab killing. Which is literally the least productive kind of project I could ever possibly work on. This is hate fueled development- you hate your users, I hate the hot melty hell you are creating and your boiling of my oceans. 

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With GameManager API from the Cast v2 scratched/deprecated (all hail the new v3), I was curious to understand what multi-sender might look like today-

Ok, so a Chrome Sender needs to setOptions the specific, targeted receiverApplicationId and set an autoJoinPolicy to join (either for their own scope or for any scope). That is what I've distilled out from reading docs.

From there the CastSession can be used to find information on senders and to broadcast messages or post or listen to specific namespaces.

setOptions Reference:
AutoJoinPolicy Reference:

Pretty early on I ran into some background on Namespaces that made me think they'd play one of the first roles-
Namespaces are a powerful mechanism for standardizing protocols to be used by multiple sender applications. For example an application developer may decide to implement and define a library for senders that implements their own custom protocol. In this way a community of developers can create applications that know how to communicate with a common receiver application. This is the reason the cast media namespace is standardized, so a generic remote control can be created.

This means though that you can have different sender apps but each app has to send requests out for specific receiver applications & see if they so happen to be able to join (they solicit a applicationReceiverId). From there, once the app has a Cast Session, it has to know what namespaces to try to communicate on to talk to the receiver.

Recently, wondering how much of a void GameManager left,
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