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You hear that? We could make literally thousands of jobs by continuing to rape the most beautiful and diverse pieces of the planet. Let no diversity be spared.
Today, we’re unleashing American energy and clearing the way for thousands and thousands of high-paying energy jobs. -Trump

Meanwhile Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting almost 100k jobs added March. So literally this useless pathetic welp is trying to drum up excitement for a couple thousand jobs that will destroy our most precious and dwindling resources for good. Presented with some information on scale, it feels like you'd have to be a pretty big moron to think the president had anything what-so-ever to boast about here. He's barely making a drop in the bucket, and he's doing it at colossal cost. Why do he and his allies hate Spaceship Earth?

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Thanks for nothing you miserable useless Democrats. Way to be just as ready as the bold-faced bourgeois corporatists to sell out innovation and access to information and open society for favor with a couple colossal asses of special interest. What a horrible group of law-makers. Screw you 115, you seem promising to be every bit as bad and worthless and spite-driven as our Dear Leader.

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Sugar Project/ One Laptop Per Child-ism spotted, this context capture (copyless paste??? what?) in Android sounds a whole lot like some of the XO's Journal capabilities.
Provide suggestions for text input, based on your recent context. For example, if you looked at a restaurant website and switched to the Maps app, the keyboard would offer the name of that restaurant as a suggestion to enter into the search bar. The data is indexed locally, and never sent to the server. It's disabled in incognito mode.

Feels like an awfully similar thing to Web Share. It's kind of like Web Share was just ongoingly implicitly happening, being sent to a buffer of shares. Then Web Share Target apps could look through those shares at it's leasure. It's a decoupling of that explicit user action to make it an implicit available context.

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Another late night with Go, cursing it's being. Such an uncomfortable, needy, picky, obtuse, and ill documented tool. For something that rides so high on claims of having an orderly, normative way of doing things, it's unfathomably bad at explaining itself and presenting a decent picture, both from a high level documentation sense and a low level I'm trying to use your tool and what the heck is happening sense. The project I was using also uses another tool vndr which was acting even more mysterious and strange and is even more reprehensible in being inscrutable in docs & debug output, which just seems fucking so emblematic for these Go assholes and their deeply esoteric toolset that looks so very little like any other programming toolset while not giving a rat about outreach.

Ultimately the only thing that saved me from myself and despair was running across a travis CI build for the project by someone who knew a lot more than me and who knew & used some of the secret go incantations.

Oh ./... you ill documented cure-all for this brutal cult language.

Recently, the dogma and the cult,

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Signed up for news- the Hikey 960. With some Mali GPU I'll probably never have drivers to be able to use, but also UFS 2.0, an M.2 slot. Fast local storage good, fast I/O expansion really good. And two USB 3.0 5Gb hosts, which if decently usable is already giving the common consumer desktop I/O hub (chipset) a decent go at it, close to saturating your practical system throughput.

Hopefully costs less than a phone but not holding my breath. There are real competitors well under $100 for people that don't need quite such a honking CPU. I really hope the link to buy these on Amazon does appear soon, and ends up being not just ok but alluring.

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This is such an incredibly good idea for Tor, for obfuscating flow patterns by doing more temporal shuffling.
I'd love to see a high-latency option added to Tor, w/ high-latency traffic used to pad low-latency traffic.

It really could go great with some kind of content-centric networking

Twitter broke the / key on the keyboard (you can still paste the character) and that one fuck-up makes me think they suck and that I need to replace their godforsaken walled garden silo with not-crap but I also fully realize Twitter is a network and it's that network that has value. Still Twitter, this is bullshit and your new @reply interface direly needs an opt out for users who'd prefer the classic experience.

All cloud changes are bad and it's all because we don't have APIs but these captive application-oriented experiences that always have fanciful personas they target, versus allowing the real world to ascertain and shape it's own way forward. Product is a curse.

Oh also Wunderlist is closing and no I will not migrate. I will replace you. Friends are reporting their imports not going flawlessly but I'm not even willing to entertain a change from where I am.

Anyways, that will terminate my #1 most bonkers Android widget outrage though. The wunderlist widget is a "text field" but when you click it it pops up a different modal rather than exposing the text field. Android doesn't really have a proviso for a pop-over touch-keyboard and homescreen widget's are based off a limited profile of "RemoteView"s with limited interactivity in the first, but it's still one of my most absurd lies of interface that also expresses most clearly what I definitely want. The Google Search bar at the top is the sole piece of software I've seen that has blended into the homescreen interface, there's a bunch of remote controls and document list widgets that I get heavy use keeping me outside of applications- applications: single serving purpose built rabbit holes I'd rather keep my head out of.

Recently, successful product,

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The nut of every “Apple Watch is a dud” story is the fact that its clearly not an iPhone-size business. But that can’t be the only measure of success. The iPhone is the biggest and most successful consumer product in the history of the world. Nothing compares to the smartphone market, and it’s possible nothing else will in our lifetimes. You and I may never again see a product as profitable as the iPhone — not just from Apple, but from any company in any industry. Or maybe we will. It’s a complete unknown.

Via, +Reginald Braithwaite which he elegantly recaps as,
Think about it: We are in the front row, watching the story of the most successful consumer product in history.

Im not in on that 100% on that per se. It's very much at the forefront of the mind in a globalized fashion that lends itself to utterments from many, so often with high remarks. That it was one massive superorganism that simultaenously stocked shelve-space and mind-space the world over with this product and to such rewards is more dimensions of grandnessand to a degree hardly imaginable (but how much does a third of a trillion really buy anyone these days).

Some figured of merit here- just to give a sense of scale, for how Apple's third of a trillion stack's up and what it does-
0.33T - China's projected investments in solar by 2020
0.1T - Cost of the Apollo program
0.0014T - Investments in SpaceX

I'd love to see some cost and success metrics staged out of things like soap and refrigerators and rural electrification and cars.

Related, perhaps not, some other contents of the @raganwald feed that resonated recently-
We are not being taken over by robots. We are being taken over by the people who own the robots.

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Intel's small (16GB, 32GB) consumer Optane/Crosspoint drives are showing almost identical iops to it's $2500 big brother 480GB enterprise edition at small queue depths. Both consumer drives share a endurance rating of 182.5 TB, which I'll assume is terabytes written, which if averaged across the 5 year warranty life of the drive comes out at best to 6.4 drive writes per day (for the smaller, whereas the 32GB is 3.2 drive writes per day).

I'm super interested in the idea of scaling small ios really high, and these drives are definitely orders of magnitude better than what came before. That the consumer model is small but also rocking the exact same colossal iops at low queue depths, while being 1/2 or 1/3rd as good at large queue depths is extremely interesting.

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I'm so fucking depressed over the state of wifi. I'd trusted that Qualcomm Atheros was making ok product, in spite of no one else releasing new chipsets, but I discovered this week that QCA has been disability the ability to adjust the "coverage class", the distance that the adapter will work across. If you want more than ~200m range, you need to not be using Qualcomm, which in all probability means using wifi chipsets dating back to 2013. The old 802.11ac Realtek USB I've had around for years and ignored is probably the best chance I have of making any even moderate distance link, and that makes me very sad. There's no good mini-pcie devices whatsoever. It's so sad to see madwifi having gone from OK through to open and now back to such controlled tragically bad junk with awful controlling fascist drivers, the whole cycle taking around 12 years. Freaking pathetic, and it's so woeful how little competition there is for what could literally be the most important computer technology ever standardized.

I really really hate you for ruining this QCA, really really badly. Not even counting the fact that I just bought another QCA card last week, which would be extra spite for your trickery and deceit and ruin.
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