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Ballin' till the night runs out
Ballin' till the night runs out

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+divya manian and I discussed some considerations for improving the CSS Paged Media spec ( Please contribute by lending your thoughts! This spec will save tons of time for web developers everywhere, allowing you to make sure you included Opera in your vendor prefixes. ;{P

Additions to CSS Paged Media

* Controls should have shadow DOM'd pseudo-elements, as a third option to the UA default and 100% DIY.

* Controls should optionally not be relegated to a container; should be able to delineate individual controls, such as when the arrows should lay to the left and right of content, and page count elsewhere

* :focus, :active, :hover, etc should be exposed to controls pseudo-elements

* Default UA controls should include a slider; the pseudo-elements for this should be identical to the range input element's

* Optional UA controls should include page numbers, complete with "etc" elements, rendered with some kind of default content such as ellipses. Think numbers listed above and below thread listings on forums ( You could also style-up "page dots" this way, a la the iOS home screen (

* Multiple control sets on one paged element, a la paginated blogs and forums

* nav-X-shift should accept the name and direction arguments from CSS Animation spec

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<3 Chrome's Incog Mode. Cache-clearing sanity checks, and logging into dev accounts for various consumer services are da bomb. Some more nice tips chilling here.
Use Cases for Incognito Mode

Every browser now has Incognito/Stealth mode. While it's often joked about as "porn mode", and stealth history is obviously a primary use case, there are actually several uses (unintended consequences or not):

* Incognito Mode is heaven for developers. cmd-shift-j resets you to a green user.

* Another great benefit for development - and testing - is it's a super-simple way to clear the cache.

* Since Google search results, and many other sites, are increasingly personalized, you can pull up Incognito Mode to get a quick "generic" view. This is useful to see where a site "truly" ranks on Google, for instance. (It's not truly generic, sites can identify you in other ways, but most sites will still serve the same content to an uncookie'd user.)

* Safety on a multi-user computer. Not just your history, but your passwords and cookies will be deleted when the next user visits. This argument still falls down in the internet cafe scenario where (a) the internet cafe itself is malicious, OR (b) the internet cafe is incompetent AND previous users malicious.

* Switch between two or more users, e.g. a Google apps user and a regular GMail user (since Apps users can't use Plus). I say "two or more" because Incognito windows are isolated from each other, while tabs in the same window share profiles. (Tested that just now.) Thanks +Steve Dennis for the reminder here.

* As @casablanca pointed out to me recently, certain e-commerce sites will increase prices after repeated searches. So Incognito mode can save you $$$ ! (It could work the other way too I guess.)

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RIM doesn't understand - simple high-end, well-made phones won't get people excited. They're fighting in the same vertical that the iPhone occupies in the public mindset. Like any market, innovative disruptors gain attention, and that is it.

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"Why does it have teeth??"

Ever notice that unusual sex acts and yo-yo tricks have the same kinds of names?

"The Magician"

All my favorite songs are 2 minutes long, or less. It's a curse.

Google needs a game division. An HTML5-exclusive one. WebGL desperately needs a killer app!

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Incredible water simulation done in WebGL:

Try out some of the controls: drag the black background, drag the ball, toggle gravity with G.

fine fine work, +Evan Wallace

Firefox 6 is OUT!! You are probably still seeing people using Firefox 3; give them a quick link to ... or
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