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#CincoDeMayo fun...Delightfully Seasoned Beef Taco Pie with Pepper Jack Cheese ~ My Happy Pie!

From my archives>>>

#CincoDeMayo #TacoPie #Casseroles #ComfortFood #BeefTacoPie
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+Ritu Ahuja
Thank you!  I always look forward to it...enjoy!
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Bonnie Banters

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Incredibly easy & delectable way to enjoy the buttery taste & velvety texture of versatile Yukon Gold Potatoes....Pan-Steamed Yukon Gold Potatoes Finished with A Golden Crust!

New Post! >>>

#SteamedPotatoes #YukonGoldPotatoes #SideDishes #Easy 
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YUM   .................
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Bonnie Banters

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Pistachio Lemon Bars...pure heaven! from +Elle Kirschenbaum 
Take Pistachio Lemon Bars to your next gathering. They are always a hit and these happen to be gluten free!

For the #recipe, go to

#glutenfree   #glutenfreerecipes   #glutenfreebaking   #glutenfreediet   #lemon   #pistachio   #snack   #snackrecipes   #treat   #ontheblog  
Adapted from Cara Tannenbaum’s Pistachio-Lemon Squares from In a Nutshell: Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds
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+Elle Kirschenbaum
Thank for a lovely recipe and hope your weekend is sweet too!
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Bonnie Banters

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+Kitchen Dreaming shares how to Perfectly Pan Sear Scallops!  Enjoy on Parmesan Polenta!
Perfectly Pan Seared Scallops on Parmesan Polenta have golden brown edges and are sweet, tender and delicious!
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Bonnie Banters

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I'm savoring it now...Eastern European Red Potato Dill Yogurt Salad! from +ally phillips 
The ultimate foodie compliment? Really wanting your recipe! And, so so many of you have asked for this one! So, here it is luvs, right in time for the weekend~~fire up that grill and serve it w/something special!

~eastern european red potato dill yogurt salad~

Recipe link~
#salads   #healthyeating   #healthyrecipes   #potatoes  
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Bonnie Banters

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Simple and refreshing Avocado Crema Dip! from +Judit Corina 
A quick and simple Avocado Crema dip‬
This simply divine Avocado Crema recipe is the perfect way to display the creamy texture of the avocado, which is abundantly found in Southern California.
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Yum yum 
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Bonnie Banters

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Enjoy your dinner...he's got you covered...Behind the scenes of the restaurant industry w/the wheelman!  via +David Buchanan 
Kitchen Expeditor aka The Wheelman

The "unsung" hero of the busy restaurant is the "Wheelman" or "Expeditor". This is the person who keeps the "food train" going from kitchen to table.

Job Qualifications include:
* must be able to remain calm under extreme pressure
* must be able to think clearly under pressure
* must be able to make excellent snap decisions while under pressure
* must be mentally organized
* must be able to multitask
* must be flexible and able to change organization and priorities on the fly
* must be emotionally stable…able to handle the demands/frustrations of the cooks and the servers
* must demonstrate calmness in the midst of chaos
* must be able to maintain the highest quality of food and require items to be re-made if they do not meet the Chef’s standard (resisting the urge to simply sling shit out as fast as possible)
#cheflife #ChefsResources #chef #restaurant
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+David Buchanan
Thank you for this enlightening behind the scenes look!
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Bonnie Banters

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How elegant and fun are these ice cubes...thinking about using for a shower around the corner!! via +Maggie Unzueta from +Ivana Barbaric 
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So pretty!
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Bonnie Banters

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Simply scrumptious Baked Parmesan Chicken Bites w/Garlic Aioli! from +Sarah Kozowski 
Baked Parmesan Chicken Bites with Garlic Aioli
These #Baked #Parmesan #ChickenBites are so delicious and ridiculously easy. With only 5 ingredients, how can you not try these bad boys out?!
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Bonnie Banters

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This exotic dish from +Maria Nasir sounds so devine...Apricot Chicken w/Moroccan Mixed Nuts Rice!
Apricot Chicken with Moroccan Mixed Nuts Rice , a rich and scrumptious double treat for the weekend , Tender pieces of chicken coated with luscious, sweet and sour apricot sauce _ , served with rich and aromatic mixed nuts pulao .Perfect on their own or served together, quick and easy, one pot meal recipes.

Recipes at

Apricot Chicken

Moroccan Mixed Nuts Rice

My free Ebook 5 Pakistani Dishes Everyone Can Cook here

My YouTube Channel

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A lovely one. Super awesome :)
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Bonnie Banters

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Here's a great alternative to whipped cream...Sour Cream Dip! from +Regina Selph 
Oh Yea....Your gonna like this one!!!
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Bonnie Banters

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Do you still have #LeftoverEasterEggs?  You'll love these Pimento Cheese Filled Deviled Eggs ~ Southern with Style!

From my archives:

#LeftoverEasterEggs #DeviledEggs #Appetizers #Snacks #EasterEggs
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+Ritu Ahuja Thank you so much...they're sooo good...enjoy! (The dish is very special, as my daughter brought back from her trip to Europe!)
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