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Christopher W. Gibson
by His grace, a follower of Jesus Christ...
by His grace, a follower of Jesus Christ...

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Is the Gospel for all? - Acts 10
Scripture Passage : Acts 10:34-48 based on
the LCMS Daily Lectionary for July 2. Meditation : God opens the Gospel to
all people through the ministry of the Apostle Peter.  An angel appears to Cornelius and instructs
him to send for Peter (10:1-8).  Peter

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Freedom!  Don't give it up.

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continuing in Galatians....

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Are you truly free?

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Biblical teaching on Marriage & Sexuality from Pastor David Hammer.  I will be contributing a couple of sessions to the teaching in August.

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Impossible Circumstances
Scripture Passage : Judges 7:1-23 based on the LCMS Daily
Lectionary for July 12 Meditation : After twice testing God with his
fleece (6:36-40) and preparing to go to war (6:33-35), God tells Gideon, “You have too many men for me to deliver
Midian into your...

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in Gideon, we have a leader with an insecure attachment style... 

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my review of Chittister's book... mixed... maybe, maybe not... see why?

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A Confident Leader, Really?
Scripture Passage : Judges 6:11-16, 22 from the LCMS Daily
Lectionary on July 10 Meditation : Gideon
was anything but a confident leader!  
When the angel of the LORD comes to him, Gideon is fearfully and
secretly threshing wheat in a winepress to feed his ...
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