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Rory Bore
SAHM enjoying life one day, and several cups of coffee, at a time.
SAHM enjoying life one day, and several cups of coffee, at a time.

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Fill Ins and Snow Falls
Good evening and TGIF to those currently not nursing a headache. Oye, this "Spring" weather in Canada is murder on the noggin.   Today we had snow, than rain, then freezing rain, and now it's snowing again. I shoveled the driveway twice, and then gave up. I...

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WW: Ice Falls
When I was on my recent getaway,  Mother Nature decided to send a late season blizzard to wreak havoc with my photography plans. Well nice try Mother Nature, but I still think I won. Thanks to the falls located nearby which proved a very chilly setting. Lik...

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Tuesday Coffee Chat: Indulge A Little
Good Morning and  welcome to Coffee Chat! And it truly is morning - like almost 2 am Tuesday morning because guess who is still on March Break time and almost forgot her own chat!! I'm raising my hand in case you were wondering. Someone room deliver fresh p...

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WW: Wine and City Lights
I just returned from my brief mama vacation!   A snowstorm interrupted my photography opportunities considerably, but I may have some decent shots when I get a chance to preview. For now, how I spent the snowy evening, tucked into the cozy bed and breakfast...

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Tuesday Coffee Chat: Celtic Charm
Good day and top of the mornin' to ya - it be tea time! Okay, so technically it's past 5 pm and I have wine, but we can still chat, right? I'm tucked away in a cozy and lovely Bed and Breakfast enjoying a few days of R and R, while Left Brain wrangles the m...

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WW: Winter B&W
I'm a little late for my Wordless Wednesday because with a warmer temperature and the sun shining, it seemed a good day to get out in the world; camera in hand. It's still very black and white around here you'll see. I don't think that goes there.

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Tuesday Coffee Chat: Missing Pieces
Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat! So we continue on in our complicated, complex love/hate relationship with technology. You will notice the obvious, I can blog!   Also, I do have my commenting system returned to me.   However, it has come to my atten...

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WW: Winter Reds
I find it rather difficult to capture Winter's scenes... all that white. Everything is just so white due to our large amount of snow, and it's hard to find a focal point in the midst of that.... white!  It's blank canvas, but often, too blank. As is the cas...

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Tuesday Coffee Chat: It's A Matter Of Trust
Good day and welcome (back) to Coffee Chat. My apologies to all last week when I lived up to my blog title and was truly Ink Interrupted! There was still of course coffee. Lots of coffee and head banging and I'm not gonna lie, a few bad words. Okay, a lot o...

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Fill In Fun: Find Your Happy Thought
Th ink of a wonderful thought!       Any merry little thought?  When there's a smile in your heart There's no better time to start Think of all the joy you'll find When you leave the world behind And bid your cares goodbye You can fly Or at least blog! Yes,...
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