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Helping GeoCachers ...


A new update to version 1.7.0 is available to you (soon)!

We're pushed the new version to the stores. It may take some time till all of you can install the update. But it comes within the next hours. ;)

Please note one thing: The well known part Alphanumeric is now available under Letter Values. So it is still there, but under a new name. Please keep this in mind. :)

Take a look at the full changelog to see all new functions and changes:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nochmal sicherheitshalber auf Deutsch:

Mit dem neuen Update, welches innerhalb der nächsten Stunden zu euch kommen sollte, haben wir den Namen von Alphanumerisch auf Buchstabenwerte geändert. Die Funktion ist also nicht weg, sondern lediglich umbenannt, falls sie jemand vermissen sollte. :)
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We're got a bit lately christmas present for you all!

It took us at least over two years to get this update to the market. Many things happened in between. To us. To geocaching. And even to GCC. We're got many, many mails with ideas, requests and reports for bugs. Thanks to all of you for supporting us even with this long time in between. We hope you will like the changes and the new features.

There are many new function, chippers and helpers available, like Solitaire, Tap Code, Deadfish, Bacon, Zuse, ... and many more. :) The highlight would be the "periodic table of elements" and the thumbnails of the mygeotools tables in the list, you will find in GCC now. And, of course, we hopefully fixed the annoying bug in the "my geo tools" view for all of you.

If you got a bit time or you're just interested, you can read the full changelog below. And as always, please let us know, if anything does not work as expected and get stuck, or even with some ideas.

Check the store for the update!

Happy caching and a happy new year,
Daniel (eisbehr) & Mark (s-man42)


- new: Solitaire
- new: Cross Total Range
- new: Kamasutra
- new: Atbash
- new: Affine
- new: e (Euler's number)
- new: Phi (Golden Ratio)
- new: Tap Code
- new: Deadfish
- new: Rotation +/- Buttons
- new: SHA3 (Keccak) 224
- new: SHA3 (Keccak) 256
- new: SHA3 (Keccak) 384
- new: SHA3 (Keccak) 512
- new: Rotation Ellipsoids
- new: Bacon Cipher
- new: CCIT2 / Zuse Z22
- new: Gade Cipher
- new: Astro - Sun/Moon Rise/Set
- new: Astro - Easter Date
- new: Astro - Easter Years
- new: Astro - Seasons
- new: Astro - Shadow Calculator
- new: Periodic System of Elements
- new: PSE to Text
- new: Gauß-Krüger Coordinate Format
- new: Maidenhead/QTH Coordinate Format
- new: DNA
- new: Polybios
- new: Substitution
- new: Tapir
- new: Scytale Width
- new: More Digits in Pi-Functions
- new: Vigenère Autokey
- new: Kennys Code - AutoDecode
- new: Thumbnails of MGT Tables
- new: Added Descriptions for MGT Tables
- new: MGT Table: Babylonian Numbers
- new: MGT Table: Barbier Alphabeth
- new: MGT Table: 8-Point Braille
- new: MGT Table: Deafblind
- new: MGT Table: Fakoo
- new: MGT Table: Sign Writing
- new: MGT Table: Greek Alphabet
- new: MGT Table: Lorm Alphabet
- new: MGT Table: Nießen Alphabet
- new: MGT Table: Quadoo
- new: MGT Table: ROT5
- new: MGT Table: Cyrillic
- new: MGT Table: Shutter Telegraph
- new: MGT Table: Enochian Alphabet
- new: MGT Table: Space Invaders
- new: MGT Table: Dancing Man Code
- new: MGT Table: Templar
- new: MGT Table: DTMF / MFV Signals
- new: Redone Icons for HD Devices
- new: Jelly Bean Icons for big Screens
- new: Copy more than one Coordinate
- new: Lock Screen-Orientation in Settings
- fix: MGT Search Bug
- fix: Railfence Bugs
- fix: GC Base 31 Bugs
- fix: Base85 Decode Bug
- fix: Kenny Decode Bug
- fix: Autocorrection disabled
- fix: OTP Key Length Bug
- fix: Alphanum Bug
- fix: myGeoTools View on Android 4.X
- fix: MD4 Output
- fix: Error on empty Search
- fix: Prime Factors
- fix: ADFG(V)X
- fix: Heat Index
- fix: Geohash Layout
- fix: SwissGrid-Projection
- fix: SwissGrid-Input
- fix: Kennys Code - Special chars
- fix: Enigma Rotor Numbers
- fix: Typos
- chg: Versioning
- chg: Many Performance Improvements
- chg: CircleIntersect also with Inner Point
- chg: Enigma Labels
- chg: Order AlphaNum Output
- chg: Permutation Output
- chg: Updated Table: Arcadian
- chg: Updated Table: Atbash
- chg: Updated Table: Ath
- chg: Updated Table: Braille
- chg: Updated Table: Freeson
- chg: Updated Table: Gypsy Signs
- chg: Updated Table: PSE
- chg: Updated Table: POSTNET
- chg: Updated Table: Roman Numerals
- chg: Updated Table: ROT13 / Caesat
- chg: Updated Table: Dragon Runes
- chg: Updated Table: Phoenican
- chg: Updated Table: Mayan Numbers
- chg: Updated Table: Puzze Code
- chg: Updated Table: Ogam/Ogham
- chg: Updated Table: Segment Display
- chg: Updated Table: Flag Semaphore
- chg: Updated Table: Chappe Code
- chg: Updated Table: Vanity Code
- chg: Updated Table: Hieratic Numbers
- chg: Updated Table: Glagolitic
- chg: Updated Table: Greek Numbers
- chg: Updated Table: Indian Numerals
- chg: Updated Table: Japanese Numbers
- chg: Combination Coord Distance/Bearing
- chg: No Restart for Theme Change
- chg: Internal Translation Files
- chg: New Line-Break Handling
- chg: Settings API Level 17 Ready
- chg: New Morse Icon
- chg: New Kennys Code Icon
- chg: New Color Icon
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The NEW UPDATE is on the Market! Get GCC 1.0.5, now! ;)

If you want some information about the new version, you can read the release notes. It would be nice, if you let us know, how you like the new one. Happy Caching!
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GCC, now even on G+! ;)
The first announcement here: the new update is about to come on the end of this week! Hope you like it. Happy caching.
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