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'Steve Jobs'
Whenever I read a critique of anything having to do with Apple or Steve Jobs I immediately wonder two things: 1. Does this person hate Apple and/or Steve Jobs or 2. Does this person love Apple and/or Steve Jobs . Most people fall into one of those categorie...

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Card Case for iPhone 6s - Trooper Series
I’m not a fan of most wallet/card cases for the iPhone because they all have a flap that covers the screen. Makes perfect sense because that flap also holds your credit cards, driver’s license, and dollar bills. But I’m the type of iPhone user who appreciat...

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'The Absence of Guilt' by Mark Gimenez
Well… after almost two years Mark Gimenez is back. And he jumps feet first into the controversy that is ISIS , islamic militants, and the Constitution . He starts off with his author’s note that is chilling because it is true. He posted it on his website an...

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OtterBox Defender iPad Mini 4 Case
The Otterbox Defender case for the iPad Mini 4 is the latest in this company’s history of making super protective cases for smart devices. The usual protection of this case hasn’t changed from the previous model. The plastic body is snug and fits perfectly....

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Sometime before Christmas Laura Sullivan sent me an eMail asking me to listen and review her new CD, ‘Feast of Joy and Love’ . Now I get eMails all the time from folks asking me to test this, try this, review this. But I rarely get one from a Grammy winning...

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'Jettisoned' by Sam Barone
It’s been quite a while since I’ve read anything from Sam Barone . I was a huge fan of his ‘Eskkar’ series since book #1 and I eagerly snatched up anything bearing the names Barone and Eskkar. I’ve seen ‘Jettisoned’ online for a while but I never read it be...

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'The First Hostage' by Joel Rosenberg
‘The First Hostage’ picks up precisely where ‘The Third Target’ leaves off.  And when I say “precisely”, I mean right down to the sentence… ‘the President of the United States… is missing.’ That immediately took me back to ‘Target’ and made me remember the ...

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Favorite Books of 2015
These were my favorite
reads in 2015. Last year was a good year for books and reading, but not a good
year (for me) in terms of writing reviews. Life happens as it does with us all,
but I promise to do better this year. Right here you have the
books that ke...

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Urban Armor Gear - Aero for the iPhone 6s
UAG has accomplished the near impossible. They got me, a staunch creature of habit, to switch iPhone case. And not only switch… but to love, recommend, and laud. The UAG ‘Aero’ is simply the best damn case for your iPhone . The design is minimalist, but ver...
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