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Svend Erik Nygaard
Works at Copenhagen Airports - CPH
Lives in DK, Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen Airports - CPH
    Business Information Specialist, 2009 - present
  • Capgemini
    Enterprise Architect, 2008 - 2009
  • Eniro
    Business IT Architect, 2007 - 2007
  • Krak
    Solution Architect, 2004 - 2007
  • Værdipapircentralen - VP
    IT Architect, 2002 - 2004
  • Access Media
    Solution Architect, 1999 - 2001
  • Avenir Danmark
    Solution Architect, 1998 - 2001
  • Sysdeco
    Solution Architect, 1997 - 2001
  • Uniware
    Solution Architect, 1995 - 2001
  • Royal Greenland
    IT Architect, 1992 - 1994
  • Narvi Data
    Developer, 1990 - 1992
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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Quick app switch in android 7.
I have been wishing for this for so many years.
(Number 4 in the article)

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Svend Erik Nygaard

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Vejlebrovej 60 2 TV 2635 Ishøj
77 kvm 2v 1.375.000
5.300 + 2.638 = 7.938 Kr/mnd
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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Google keyboard on iPhone.
Worth trying!
Google has today announced a new keyboard for iOS devices that directly integrates search functions. Called Gboard, the keyboard features a button on the upper left that lets you perform web...
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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Microsoft takes over SwiftKey
Hmm, maybe it's time to take a look at another keyboard.
I have been using SwiftKey for a long time. Haven't tried Google's own keyboard for a long time. Same with other keyboards.
Now that Microsoft takes over SwiftKey, it is an opportunity to take a new look at the other keyboards. 
Late yesterday, the Financial Times reported that SwiftKey was in talks with Microsoft about a potential acquisition that could be officially announced dur... by Rita El Khoury in Applications, News
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+Lars Flemming Christensen​ None taken 😁.

Yes privacy is certainly a matter of concern. It's a huge topic with many aspects, and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to address in a brief comment. For any statement there are a lot of counter statements and modifications because of the many complications and nuances.

It's also a matter of risk versus benefit.

I'm betting my privacy on Google. Partly because I trust Google more than alternatives for protecting my information against internal and external abuse - and in particular because Google more and more has become my personal assistant, and the better it knows me the better it assists me.
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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Help Beethoven at his 245-year birthday symphony #GoogleDoodle
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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Gotta have that Nexus 6P!

Google has managed to make two extremely sleek, well-made, yet very different, Android smartphones. They were both worth the wait.
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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How Ingress, Google's Real-World Smartphone Game, Got Me Out of My Shell

One of my fellow ingress players linked to this article

I highly recommend the ingress game

Getting out of the house and meeting new people is hard. For a long time, I let inertia limit me to the same neighborhood and daily routine—until I started playing a mobile, augmented-reality game from Google called Ingress. In just a few months, I’ve explored places I’d never seen before, met tons of new and interesting people, and walked hundreds of cumulative miles—all because of a simple video game on my phone.
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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App-like Web apps are ruining the web!!! 😠
Warning: I may be cursing in this post.
By now, I have learned to hate the "Add to home screen" feature of Chrome.
I am a huge fan of Google, Chrome and Android. But this particular feature really pisses me off.
What happens is as follows:
I'm reading an article on the web in the Chrome browser on my Android. I want to save a link to the article on my home screen. I click on the "Add to home screen" menu item, and it creates an icon (link) on my home screen. So far so good.
The trouble is that when I click on the icon, it often turns out that:
The link to the article is lost. Instead of opening the article it opens the website's main page.
Furthermore, whichever page (article) I visit from this app-like window has now lost all the usual chrome features I so often use, e.g.:
No "Share...". I use share a lot. Particularly on Android I can share to/through so many other apps. Of course I share articles to people through messenger, mail and other social apps. But I also share to other apps like my note app (Google Keep). But if I'm reading the article in an app-like window, I cannot use the Chrome share feature. I cannot even copy paste the URL link manually :-(
No "Find in page". Probably only few people use this feature as much as I do. But it is a really handy feature when you want it.
No bookmarking. I cannot even bookmark the article!
No incognito tab. I guess people who want to read the web incognito can wave goodbye to that feature(?)
No URL. This may not be a major loss. But still, sometimes I want to check it, perhaps for authenticity.

Eventually Google may solve some of these issues through Google Now on Tab". But fundamentally I wish that most websites would stay websites and not transform into-app like windows.
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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"What did we just do?" 🤕
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Pensi che sia il MALE MAGGIORE ....oppure lasciamo che dopo la GRECIA , ci siano altre NAZIONI CAVIE per la FINANZA SPECULATRICE ?
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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A pretty good summary:
Spreading hate has backfired on right-wing media: How Fox News unwittingly destroyed the Republican Party

For years, Fox News has profited from its vicious, divisive rhetoric — and now a steep price is being paid
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And it's quite evident that the Republican party itself is painfully aware of this too.
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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So sad 😔 
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I'm not sure I understand you +Steffen R​.
Did you read the article?
Do you think, the article should not have been written? 
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Svend Erik Nygaard

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Ad-blocking is a step backwards into the dark ages!

If all users were running ad-blockers, what would happen?

Most free sites would have to close down or charge a subscription fee for viewing their content (articles, videos etc). Let’s say, best case is that all sites would find a way to survive (by some sort of subscription fees and/or hidden commercials). In that case, the sites would survive - good for them. But what about you and me. For us, it would have the following consequences:
- It would cost us money
- It would limit our choice of sites drastically
- Sites would begin to camouflage ads as information to escape ad-blockers

We would be less informed and get less nuances - and we would be misinformed!
It would be
- politically a disaster!
- educationally a disaster
- industry development and innovation wise a disaster
- society wise a disaster
- socially a disaster
By and large, ad-blockers are a huge step backwards from free information in abundance to old ways of limited information.

By the way, what do you think would happen to your selection of TV channels, if they were blocked for ads?

And no! This post is NOT funded by anyone (like publishers for instance). But I AM offended by ad blockers robbing publishers for the ad revenue they depend on when providing me free content. And even more offended when ad-blockers take publishers as hostages charging them high fees for allowing ads to pass through the ad-blocking - How can that be legal?

I admit: I have not tried ad-blockers, so I don’t know exactly how they work. But whenever I read about their success (150 million users or more?) - I worry about the free web which I love so dearly!
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But every time someone blocks ads, there will be less money for the content creaters (e.g. journalists).
And less money for content creaters means less content and lower quality of content.
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