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Rishi Chandra had a hangout named google tv hangout. {url}Daniel Minsk, John Salinas, Erica Joy, Israel Kendall, Simon Vanherweghe, Derek Stiles, Josh Webster, Benjamin Lamb, Daniel Sujo, Mateo Ortega, Thomas Baca, Mohamed Alzaabi, Casey Clifton, Adam Rabung, Joe Nardi, Odysseas Mavrakis, Dane Jasper, Mark S, Travis Maynard, Michael Schmidt, Nathaniel Mosher, and Didier Broca
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Rishi Chandra was in a video call with 22 others
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I cant get in, ,maybe next time....
Hi guys, THANKS for all the huge interest.

Please keep in mind we have a 10-person limit on the hangout, please - after you have had your question answered, consider hanging up and following on the stream here to give other people a chance to drop in.

and... if you're still trying to come join us... stay tuned!
It would be nice to just hear and see the "hangout" as that I may hear Q's and A's from others that are of interest...
--- maybe there should be a option of "Hover" or "Loiter"
That would be great,i hope i can listen to it on my Google TV.
That would be cool.. I don't realy have any questions but a hang out sounded like fun and I'm interested in Google TV
I have alot of questions,there is soo much that can be done with the GTV,.....
I am mashing refresh like a maniac but apparently nobody wants to leave. I really wanted to be in this too...
HUGE improvement with functionality and features, thank you to the gTV team. but i do get a bug here and there
sometimes when getting back to the home screen via the Back button, all my homescreen shortcuts disappear unless I reboot it
OK, i side loaded alot of apps on my GTV, the best one is the ability to print anything from my GTV,the next app i would like to see is an official GMail app,i can do everything from my GTV except use GMail to send email, currently i am using K9 email, but i want GMail.
hey +Chris H yeah, feedback taken. out main focus was on creating a great platform, and enhance the "TV" experience. but - definitly developers are encouraged to create also productivity apps. in the meantime - Google Mail Web Interface
I also hope for the close integration with DirecTV DVRs, not only Dish DVRs. In their 3rd quarter alone, they added around 327,000 more subscribers
I hope you guys realize the potential you have here, there is soo much more the GTV can do, i want to be able to control my whole house from my keyboard,,the one thing i really love about the GTV is how i can customize it, there is no other GTV like mine,and that is what you should be putting gout there in your video's,
+Christian Kurzke Thanks for the shout out. Looks like GTV is just so popular which is nice to see. You guys should do this more often for sure.
Someone from the GTVHacker forum has made an app called GTVBox Video Player, it is available in the Market for TV today....
Most of all I'm waiting for slingplayer to add their GTV version. Now that would be THE app for me
+Steven Godin I am the complete opposite on that,i want to control my lights, fans,heat,air conditioners and anything else i can right from my keyboard,and if anybody can pull it off i know it is Google.......
Bummer! Working and didn't get over here in time.
Hey all, thanks for those who joined the session, and apologies for those who couldn't join. It was a lot of fun, and we definitely plan to do more of these. Stay tuned for the next one!
Will there be any Air Play & Mirroring like streaming feature any time soon? This is a killer feature and would love to see it on my Google TV!!
I watched a recording of the hang out and the questions I have that no one asked is; with the acquisition of Motorola the largest manufacture of STBs for cable providers. Can we expect to see more GTV features on our cable boxes?

And i am also wondering if 5.1 surround sound will be available from Netflix or amazon anytime in the near or far future. Surround sound seem to be that last advantage of disk over stream.
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