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The concept of “public space” is not a new concept, while categorizing “digital public space” is still somehow new. As our lives are becoming the intersection of digital public spaces and physical public spaces. This transition fascinates me as it indicates the possibility of a digital life the same as living a physical life in reality. 

Digitalize physical public spaces. In the digital media (forum) communications about actual physical places, from all perspectives of public space (digital antenna that help us to observe the reality and use in our life.)

Physicalize digital public spaces. (internet of things, online group meeting, meet new people with digital public social spaces.)

I reckon that the relations between these two public spaces is
something will bring the development of digital technology to the next level.

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After 30 hours exhausting airplane trip back to China and being sick in bed for almost a week and several days to figure out a way unblocking to google services in China, I finally get time to catch up from where I left and reconnect to CLMOOC community. 

The second cycle of “remediating” is a fascinating idea as it utilizes the internal connections exist between different forms of art and converts from one from another. I view the change of media a similar process as switching the narrative tone from one to another. Any individual media processes distinctive characteristics that allows “remediation”, rather than simply “duplication” of the content, to happen. 

For this cycle of “remediation” I want remediate my written thoughts about writing into the form of code. It initially strikes me when I was reading an article about genre theory: One new genre is based on the repeated attempts of one another creators. In another article,, although the author mainly focuses on the relations between visual art and writing, he also alludes that coding is a form of writing.

I started to think about the presentation of coding as a kind of composition that uses different languages and grammatical frameworks. I’ve been interning as a database developer using Microsoft Access, while my instructor used SQL code to establish similar databases. This experience pushed me to compare and contrast code writing and traditional writing. Here, the concept of “remediation” for me is to express something in the form of codes while keeping the original content and rhetorical purposes. It is writing about writing, and it is coding about coding as well. 

This picture is a demonstration of asking and answer “What is writing?” I distinguish the question with statement “let”, which makes the question unchangeable while “var” for the answer that makes the answer a variable. 

What is writing? It was a questions that led me to stutters, hesitate, ponder. Really, I tried to come up with an answer that covers as many aspects of writing as possible, but all I got were helpless “that’s a good question.” I certainly know something about writing, as I have been composing (even though novice and primitive) in both Chinese and English as soon as I was literate, while I barely know what writing is. Maybe it is better to put it into code (This four lines of code are just written unfinished as I am not sure about how to write code. But these could be a good place to initiate the dialogue between writing and coding. These codes are written in swift language with xcode.)

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A Columbia woman told me that there was a community of creative nonfiction, and she said that was a small but welcoming community. So I started to write. Another time, another woman, American, invited me to join another group. She said this will be a community where passionate writers and educators share thoughts and learning experiences; it will be a wonderful thing to share mine too. So here I am. 

I type down letters, and they become words, phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs, parts and then essays. These words, sentences, paragraphs are composed with one another. So dictionaries call this process composition. Just like an introduction, I use words, gestures, picture, videos, poems, fictions to compose an image of myself, a representation of me in reality.

So now, let me untroduce myself. Not portraying who I am, but break it down to those simple elements. Just like I am “uncomposing” essays and paragraphs I wrote. They are no longer essays, parts, paragraphs, clauses, but phrases, words and letters. I dismember my essays or notes, and present you with the elements of myself and my thoughts. 

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Interesting video, but reasons are not this simple, future is not that clear and the influence is not that trivial. #Writingrace  

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Interesting video, but the reasons are not this simple, and the future is not that clear. 
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