I've started working on new book/web project on freedom in technology and communications -- a user's guide on how to have it, and why you need it.

I'm doing this because of my alarm at a long-running trend, capped by Apple's announcement today about its next operating system, which it will start selling in mid-2012. By naming a key feature of the new OS "Gatekeeper," Apple has done everyone a favor by being totally transparent about where it's taking its users: into a controlled environment like the iOS.

This only confirms my earlier decision that OS X 10.6.x is my last Apple operating system, which means that my current Mac laptop is my last Mac, since Apple configures new hardware to only run with its latest operating systems.

I don't want to be controlled. And I suspect there are enough other people who will be interested in knowing how they can move out of the proprietary systems (Web-based as well as personal device) orbit.

I'll be creating a new site for this project, and will post it soon.
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