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DOT BERLIN Intellectual Property dispute
Dot Berline extension dispute - Multiwebsphere vs. dot Berlin Gmbh
Dot Berline extension dispute - Multiwebsphere vs. dot Berlin Gmbh


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20 March 2014: on hold

ICANN's offering of new domain names is so huge, in 2014/2015, that people hardly need an own domain extension by anymore. 

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AltRootFoundation just has posted an update, whereby they mention dot  Berlin, the ´dispute´ whether Multiwebsphere ltd. or dotBerlin Gmbh is owner.

#icann   #goann   #dotberlin   #multiwebsphere   #altrootfoundation  
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Formation of GOANN instead of ICANN

The dot Berlin domain dispute, whereby ICANN neglected earlier authorisation of the dot Berlin domain extension given by the AltRootFoundation  -

was the trigger to the following proposal to replace ICANN by GOANN, Global Organisation for Assignment of Names and Numbers. It is described underneath, including a first 'roadmap' how to proceed.

Google Plus, 25 August 2013,


Cyberspace government should be in hands of the WORLD, not only US

GOANN (incl. IANA) instead of ICANN (incl. IANA)

Depending on the:
1) motivation of all countries in the world
2) the resolution of the dot Berlin domain dispute -

the AltRootFoundation (that was the first Authority to approve the launch of the dot Berlin extension) declares to be prepared to transform itself to a new to be founded


Global Organisation for Assignment of Names and Numbers

This new organisation would have a UN (United Nations) like structure, with if possible all world's countries as member - see UN model:

(for your info: ICANN stands for International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers - it is 100% US corporation, 100% reporting to US congress, see also

ICANN would be probably at some point in time dissolve itself and the US would then become member of GOANN., which is currently part of ICANN, and stands for International Authority for Names and Numbers, could stay if it agrees to be integral part of GOANN instead of ICANN.

If your are enthousiastic about GOANN, with member states of all the world and a UN like decision structure (primarily democratic, maybe with a few veto's - or no veto's at all, 100% democratic) please 

a) follow this page
b) give it a +1 = plus
c) email a sign of support! 


As current chairman of the AltRootFoundation I would like to lead the transformation into GOANN. The GOANN chairman must be elected democratically anyway, and let me start to say that if we start this process now, new elections will be held in 2017 at the latest (so I will not have ensured chairmanship than up to 2017 at the latest).

In advance, I thank you for your support for GOANN!

Yours sincerely,

J Philippe Blankert M.Sc.
Founder and Chairman of AltRootFoundation
25 August 2013 on Google Plus 

PS: pictures used: if their use is not for free - please mail - it is not a definitive choice. Let us mail about IP rights and prices if choice would be final.
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Multiwebsphere ltd claims Intellectual Property against dotBerlin Gmbh because it was online first with dot berlin - to be precise: 12 November 2012,, to be seen with browser Multiwebsphere, httop://

Maybe even more important than 'who gets dot berlin?' are the underlying questions:

a) can Icann just overrule any domain extension that existed previously, in the Alt Root zone, authorized by another names and numbers assignment authority like AtlRootFoundation? 

b) irrespective what names and numbers authority permitted an extension: does the world want to agree on 1 rule regarding the allocation of rights for a freshly realised domain extension?

c) isn't it time to let AltRootFoundation grow into a UN-like world wide organisation, with official members? (preferably: all countries of the world). Over all the years, Icann was 100% American and did not want to change that. 

August 24, 2013
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Geehrtes ICANN, geehrte dot Berlin Gmbh, zum Zeugnis einen guten Teil der Domain Welt,

Wir, Multiwebshpere ltd. (Gewerbezimmer Köln) erheben Anspruch auf das intellektuelle Eigentum von 'dot Berlin'. berlin. 

Wir verbieten Icann, dotBerlin Gmbh und sonstige Parteien die Extension dot Berlin in Gebrauch zu nehmen.

Wir haben schon viel früger Anspruch erboben, nämlich in unserem Brief an das Amerikanische Icann, datiert 5 November 2012. Damals had die konkurrierende Organisation for 'assignment of names and numbers', AltRootFooundation, uns, Multiwebsphere, genehmigt den die Extension zu benützen. Icann hatte nie eine .Berlin Genehmigung abgegeben also war das auch kein Problem.

Seit dem 12en November 2012 benützen wir, als Multiwebshpere ltd.  z.B. die site . Die können Sie sehen wenn Sie den Browser von installieren, öffnen und dann eingeben. Diese und mehrere .berlin sites werden durch uns benützt.

Icann hat gar keine weltweite Autorität, Icann ist nur zuständig für die USA. Sehen Sie hier nach: (und das Buch 'Ruling the Root' von Prof. L. Milton Mueller).

AltRootFoundation beansprucht nicht- Amerikanisches Gebiet. Aber möchte im Ende MIT Mitglieder aller Nationen (wie die UN) eine weltweite demokratische Autorität werden - keine Amerikanische seblbstbenannte 'Weltpolizei'. 

Wie es auch sei met Icann oder AltRootFoundation, nach unserer Meinung gilt in der IP (Intellectual Property) Welt: wer als Erste online ist mit einer Extension UND die ausnützt, Multiwebsphere also, hat die IP Rechte.

Multiwebsphere hat das Vornhemen in zehr kurzer Weile die Domain namen in der Form eines 'Sunrise's'/'Landrush' anzubieten.

Es tut uns Leid das seit November 2012, nie auf unsere Briefe und Mails reagiert worden ist. Nicht durch Icann, nicht durch dotBerlin Gmbh, und nicht durch Herrn Woweirath den wir persönlich angeschrieben haben. Zur Zeit, November 2012, schien es alsob es gar keine Genehmigung für dot Berlin geben würde. Darum hat Multiwebsphere die Mühe unternommen!

Darum gehört die Extension uns, finden wir.

Wir haben Icann und dot Berlin Gmbh letzen Donnerstag 22 August 2013 ungefähr das Selbe geschrieben; Icann gab Empfangstbestätigung, dot Berlin Gmbh hat überhaupt nichts von sich hören lassen. Um keine Chance zu verpassen, erheben wir unseren Anspruch jetzt öffentich auf Google Plus, in die Augen der Welt.

Nach diesem Brief erfolgt unser Englischer Brief vom Donnerstag 22 August 2013. Wenn wir von Icann noch dotBerlin Gmbh etwas hören, nehmen wir an das die zwei Partein den Anspruch von Multiwebsphere nicht bestreiten und das Multiwebsphiere weiter gehen wird mit der Ausgabe von .Berlin namen an u.a. der Bevölkerung von Berlin.


Ir JP Blankert M.Sc.
24 August 2013
Direktor Multiwebsphere ltd.


ADDENDUM 23 aug 2013 - good faith

At fall 2012, the dot Berlin name was rejected at least twice by
Icann. We have sympathy for Berlin, and in order to help Berlin we
applied for dot Berlin at the, received the
approval, launched the first site,  12
November 2012

ICANN, as well as mayor of Berlin, Mr. Wohweirath, were notified but
gave no return.

It is only later, in 2013, that Icann - very much to our surprise, but
also ALREADY knowing dot berlin was realizend and claimed by, that Icann decided to approve dot berlin as
well (AltRootFoundation had approved dot Berlin already in the cause
of 2012).

Thank you for your previous receipt confirmation, and thank you for
the receipt confirmations of this ADDENDUM in advance.

Yours sincerely,,
Jolanda van de Hoge,
executive assistant.
23 August 2013 wrote:

Dear dot Berlin GMBH,,, cc

Would you be so kind to acknowledge the receipt of this mail? Thank
you for your courtesy.

Though we could write German, we prefer to write in English now, for
international reasons.

We, Multiwebsphere ltd., Chamber of Commerce Cologne, claim to be the IP (Intellectual Property) Holder of the .berlin extension.

That because we were the first ever to be online with a dot berlin in
history ever: November 12, 2012. You can also currently see the site
that is on download the browser of, install and open it, and thereafter watch

One has to be aware that there is not legal basis at all that would have the monopoly who decides who 'may' have a domain extension.

Since 2012, there is a SECOND worldwide authority in assigning names and numbers, being:
Multiwebsphere ltd. applied for the dot berlin extension there, and
it was approved long before decisions as of Icann in 2013.

To our opinion in IP-law the criterium for 'who gets the extension'
is: 'Who is online first?' with an extension, and has indeed a
website on it.

Do you agree with our views? Do you  disagree?

Please share your views with us, and arguments. We would suggest: let us keep out lawyers to the maximum, but let us mutually exchange
arguments, send each other jurisprudence etc .

In case you are surprised, then ask Icann why they did not inform you
around November 12, 2012 - the AltRootFoundation did inform Icann
that time about their approval of the extension .berlin  - being far
ahead of Icann decisions.

We are looking forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Jolanda de Hoge,
executive assistent Multiwebsphere ltd.
August 22, 2013
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Domain extension dispute dot Berlin
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