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לקרוא ולהפנים!

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i agree!

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cute :-)

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Worth trying! 

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Sail Away

Come sail away with me on the ocean tide
We'll man those sails side by side
With the sun on our head, the wind in our face
There could never be a better place

We'll find a paradise island yet unknown
Then claim that island as our own
Where we will frolic together on the sand
Come sail with me to a far away land

Sail away with me we'll ride the squalls
Come sail with me, the ocean calls
It's a rhythmic call for us to sail away 
Oh please sail away with me today

Together we'll face sunsets on the sea
Sunsets made special, you're with me
The morning sun will refresh our day
And keep all dangers, far, far away

On our beach we'll soak up the sun
With arms entwined we'll become one
There'll be a hut that I will build
Eat food from the sea freshly grilled

Our island awaits us so please let's go
Let us leave this place so we can grow
Sail away with me on the ocean tide
Where we'll be together side by side

––James Casey

Edited in Photoshop CS6.

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cute :-)

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Old Jaffa
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Another amazing video!!!!

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