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Symantec NetBackup is #1 in Backup and Recovery
Symantec NetBackup is #1 in Backup and Recovery

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@jedmgresham, DP expert is hosting R&D workshops at #symantecvision. Space is limited!

Last year, we ran a series of Google+ hangouts featuring our top vision session from 2013.  We called it "VIRTUAL VISION".  See here for last year's schedule:  

We're thinking of repeating the series this year with the new content from this year's Symantec Vision conference.  +1 the post if you'd like to see that happen!  Here are the links to all the past hangouts:

Best practices for VMware protection:

Defensible deletion:

Is Big Data TOO big to backup?:

Backup Exec: best practices for virtual backup:

Disaster recovery blueprint and best practices for NetBackup Appliances and beyond:

Managing dark data and file governance:

The new era of business continuity:

Backing up vCloud Director - what's the difference between the vCD API and VADP:

What can the Backup Exec appliances do to improve your data protection strategy:

Why host-based SSDs are critical for SLAs in mission-critical data centers:

VMware backups that work - lessons learned and backup performance tuning based on extensive VADP benchmark testing:

Why do you need third party archiving capabilities with Exchange and Office 365? Q & A with Michael Osterman:

Market validation. #NetBackup appliances take over the integrated PBBA segment in 2-3 years?! From @Peter_Elliman:"The growth trajectory of Symantec’s backup appliance business demonstrates that customers believe in our vision and the value of our solutions."  #Symantec   #EMC   #CommVault

Are you a #NetBackup customer? Vote for the most interesting breakout sessions at SYMC Vision 2014:

We’d like your help to make sure the educational experience is exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve put together a quick survey of possible NetBackup topics we may cover at the conference. Please share your opinions with us and let us know which of these topics interests you.

@cdavitian writes a VERY interesting blog on the vision of #NetBackup today and into the future Moving from "Industry-leading performance and flexibility" to "simplicity without sacrifice" in the next few years. If you're a NetBackup user (or potential user), this is a MUST READ.

Absolutely KILLER blog by Appliance Specialist @peterelliman highlighting the INCREDIBLE growth of the #Symantec #NetBackup Appliances. Any silicon valley startup would drool for revenue/penetration numbers like this in their first 3 years (how old the appliance business is for Symantec). Amazing.

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Are you ready to protect the next wave of virtual machine sprawl? Join us for a webcast on Wednesday, February 19th to:
• Discover the key trends that will affect enterprise backup and recovery in the coming years.
• Learn how Symantec’s latest release - NetBackup 7.6 can help you:
    - Recover any virtual machine within a few minutes
    - Eliminate full backups
    - Protect VMware environments via six new features 
    - Save time and keep your data safer

Data protection at SCALE is more than just backing up loads of data, but also being able to efficiently protect large numbers of virtual machines. NetBackup excels at both and is stress tested in one of the largest SDDCs around - with over 200,000 VMs. Better Backup for VM Sprawl. Check out the blog here Protecting tens of thousands of VMs and petabytes of data is an everyday thing for NetBackup.

SCALE is more than total data, but also the # of VMs. NetBackup: #BetterBackup for VM Sprawl.

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When reliable, scalable data protection is needed, get THE GLOBAL MARKET LEADER - get #Symantec #NetBackup
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