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Week - 6 What I've Learned.
I've learned that it can be confusing keeping up with Google+. Like so many other people, I am a bit overwhelmed by all the social media channels I am tapped into. I have to check multiple channels to see if somebody is trying to reach me, including: e-mail, school email, course email, facebook, facebook messenger, Line (an app), Google+, Google docs comments, Twitter, etc. In my daily business, I constantly work on the computer and share files through dropbox, and weTransfer: I use Jing, Zoom, and Facetime for meetings and to share video and images; I also have multiple Google docs shared with multiple clients. After a while, I end up spending a lot of time checking one platform after another and getting less work done. I also have a certain sense of 21st century anxiety about keeping up with all of them so I don't miss anybody. This class is helping me because it's allowing me to see social media with a more informed perspective. This will help me make better strategic decisions on when and how to coordinate my social media practices.

Week 5 - VR in the Classroom
I am only seeing the VR question now, I apologize for missing it. If I was going to incorporate VR into my learning environments, I currently would implement it in children's enrichment. I don't find that the benefits of using VR provide anything other than novelty to my business consultations. However, if I was to work with graphic designers to discuss creative execution of materials, that would be a good way to do it remotely. For the kids' enrichment, I would like to incorporate VR into martial arts training exercises, allowing instructors and "bad guys" to interact with the subject. Currently, the goal is to create Zoomeez products featuring augmented reality.

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Donald Trump is a bold and aggressive marketer. He understands the value of mass communication and reputation management. Oftentimes, a good practice in marketing is to get there first. Donald Trump excels in his use of Twitter as a means of getting his personal message out to the world fast and unapologetically. Strike first and strike fast. And not only does he reach the Twitter audience, but news outlets all over the world broadcast his tweets beyond the stars. Getting your message out their faster and bigger allows you to set the precedent that others must defend, attack, etc. I think it is undeniable that Donald Trump's tweets and the subsequent social media overflow from them affects our students today. While it may not affect a toddler directly, students who have awareness of the tweets, especially when supported by parental commentary, can have their very belief system shaped. For those outside of the Twittersphere, the subsequent arguments, debates, and uproars can certainly affect the behavior of those around them and influence them through action. This excellent piece from the Washington Post demonstrates how Donald Trump leveraged his marketing expertise to help win the presidential election.

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I found the Learnist to be the most intriguing platform, but was unable to find it active on the web. I then chose Diigo as a powerful tool that I would choose to advocate because it fits very much in line with my perception of the pending future of eductation. With understanding of the concept of connectivism, Diigo is, very much like Evernote, a powerful tool for collecting, curating, annotating, and sharing information along our digital journeying, and, in its use, represents many of the core tenets of connectivism as shared by its original advocates. I believe following critical thinking paths through the internet is certainly a big part of the learning process as we move through the 21st century. Tools like Diigo and Evernote provide gathering baskets and tools that allow us to follow these paths with great efficiency of time and avoid tasks distractive to our thought process (for instance stopping to copy and paste a link into an email, or downloading and saving a file to your desktop) all the while gathering information we deem valuable, and remaining focused on drawing connections. Tools like Diggo, or curating apps like Learnist provide robust digital platforms for collecting and sharing knowledge.
Unfortunately, when all is said and done, Diigo represents a larger issue in the social media networking world regarding dominant competition. Diigo is soon going to cease all sharing aspects of the network. In a blog published on their own site, they say that in a world of Facebook and Twitter, they have no resources to remain competitive in the networking aspects of the app, and will now be focusing on only the personal annotation side of things.

The softchalk in week 3 appears to be exactly the same as week 2. Anybody...Bueller....Bueller?

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Hi everybody,
My name is Kenn Scott and I am excited to start the second half of my matriculation towards an MEd with this social media course.

I am a marketing consultant that teaches small businesses how to develop effective, creative marketing plans. I work with everything from plumbers to television networks, to horse supplements, hearing aids, and more. This degree will help me because I believe that marketing and education are very similar, in that you are trying to get people to learn about new things and remember them. It also helps me because understanding adult education principles helps me be a better consultant and teacher to my clients.
I moved to Fort Worth from Los Angeles just a few years ago, after spending over 20 years working in the film and television business, both in front of and behind the camera. I came here because I have a brother who is a hand surgeon that has lived in the metroplex for the past 18 years and I wanted to be closer to him.
A fun fact about me is that I used to act in martial arts movies. In the early nineties, I had a big hit with a movie called SHOWDOWN, which was eventually released all over the world, and even became a big cult hit in Germany of all places (under the title AMERICAN KARATE TIGER, you can find it on Youtube : )

What I hope to gain from this course is a better understanding of how to use social media tools above and beyond the norm, so that I may offer clients innovative uses and tactics for their marketing programs.
I look forward to an intense month, and the struggles of being a digital immigrant trying to figure out 21st century interfaces.

Good luck everybody and thanks for reading!
Here's me and my dog Kona the Ninja Princess.

What kind of content area or item is our 5353 course homepage. Because it has a banner, it does not appear simply as an "item." Also, it is set as our default page.

My challenge: I tried to build a similar unique Homepage (after hiding the default homepage) but anyone who clicks on the course is automatically sent to my Announcements page as the default homepage, not my intended page. I'm not sure why that is.

In my LMS weekly unit, I have inserted an item linked to my softchalk. I added an image of the softchalk logo to the banner. How do I link that image so the learner can click on the image and open the softchalk. Dr. Baker does it in our home course, but I'm not sure what link to use.

When I create a discussion tool in my weekly unit content folder, the discussion tool allows me to pick from my previously created forums, submit the one I choose, and then it creates a banner item in the folder, but when I click on the item in the content folder, it takes me to the forum, but the screen says, "No Item Found." In order to see the discussion question itself, I have to click on "Create Thread" to bring up the next screen revealing the question. Am I missing something? It seems like the question should come up on the first click screen. Not sure why it says "No Items Found" and I have to take another step.

The directions seem to call for creation of an "Introduction item" as well as a SoftChalk. I do not understand what "the introduction item" is.
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