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I have used Microsoft excel;. Set the view to 40% and place the map there. it will print out in sections then I tape it together and laminate. Its not the greatest way, but it will work in a pinch. If you ever wanna print out heroclix battle maps to use as well , use same way but make sure that you go to print preview and count squares there should be 7 squares to a page.

For those of you running the game from the PDF copies available via ClassicMarvelForever, what do you do about the maps? Have you found a way to print them out successfully , do you recreate them in a different way (re-draw them on a battlemat, for example) or do you do away with them entirely?
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The adventure Cosmos Cubed (ME1 ) the PDF I have is missing the Map sheet, anyone have the adventure with the map sheet? 

Hey gang, I am super siked to have found this group. I am introducing MRSHRPG to my kids and they absolutely love it. I am curious, does anyone happen to have a map of a skrull ship, I am running the Cosmic cubed adventure and they get to explore a skrull ship. could use a map. thanks
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