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Bringing it all together
I’m so glad this reading was left
for the final post. Though long, it really tied everything we have learned
together.   A lot of different authors
came to mind and two in particular was Johnson. As we know Johnson argues that
we must talk explicitly about ...

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Citizenship in Schools
I first have to start off by saying
that this reading one not as difficult to get through as I thought it would
be.   I never looked at Down Syndrome the
way Kliewer argued or rather realized how the   behavior and ability.   This
reminded me of the article...

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Roles and Rules
This week I am going to do a connections blog piece.   “Literacy with an Attitude” by J. Finn, was
pretty long but once I got into a good chunk of the reading I became very
interested. A lot of the stories the author tells are where I got my
connections.   ...

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This week os another reflection blog. After watching the two videos and then reading the articles ad webpage, I truly think that it is quite obvious to see the connection between the historical issues with the Brown V. Board of Education case and the more c...

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Service Learning is so much more
In The Service of What? By Joseph Kahne and
Joel Westheimer This week I decided to do a regular
reflection blog. (I’ll eventually do a “connections” post). I liked this
reading and never truly thought into that much detail about service learning
and the act...

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My no longer happily ever after…why Disney why
I have to first say that I loved
loved LOVED this reading! I have already used my “reflection” blog option, SO I
have decided to do a hyperlinks blog this week.   I was really shocked to read about the Disney information and was sad
that most of it is…true....

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The Silence
For this blog I’m using Madison’s
post on “Safe Spaces”. Madison starts off her post by mentioning how she didn't
remember her teachers incorporating anything LGBT in her school curriculum. I
like her have the same thought. As I was reading I kept trying to...

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Social Justice Event Reflection
Recently I went to the Youth In Action
event and have to say I was truly amazed. This group of young teens is truly
inspiring and each one of them has many experiences in school, which they
shared.   They began to share their best
learning experiences or fa...

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This week’s reading was truly one I
enjoyed. I first have to say that after class on Tuesday and hearing about the fact
about prison beds being accounted for based on the reading levels or scores of
children really bothered me. I could not get over it and f...

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“ You know how your mama used to say you listen to the radio, but you hear your mother?"
The reading “ The Silence Dialogue:
Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People’s children definitely was not the
easiest read. I found myself rereading different paragraphs and finding myself
somewhat lost when trying to understand what author Lisa Delpit...
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