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Apparently there's more to the United Federation of Planets than we thought.

1976 was 41 years ago.
1981 was 36 years ago.
2006 was 11 years ago.
Still miss you, best friend and best beloved.

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Recent robot demonstrations. Trigger warning: robots are bullied and teased in this video.

50,113 of 50000 words. Not done yet, but I have achieved my NaNoWriMo goal.

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This is about right.
Then I realized that most of the news stories I’ve covered this year were too depressing to turn into ornaments. So I made a dumpster fire instead.

People really seemed to enjoy the dumpster fire. (It was retweeted thousands of times.) Some asked for one of their own. But I cannot oblige, because I do not know how to Etsy. So instead, here is a step-by-step guide that will allow you to DIY your own 2016 dumpster fire in no time.

42824/50000. This at 2:35AM on the 26th. I am on target again. But I have Delayed Turkey Day Syndrome in the morrow, so while I may finish when I get back from the festivities, I won't be spending the whole day getting ahead of myself.

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Obama has been an overall good president with several glaring missteps (Guantanamo Bay, persecution of whistleblowers, and appeasement tactics that allowed the GOP to shut down the country, and not prosecuting banksters.) He realized that the pipeline from Canada to New Orleans was a stupid idea when enough people pointed out how stupid it was. This is also a stupid idea. This is another opportunity for him to do the right thing.
Bad bad stuff continues to happen at Standing Rock. 

Better than where I was but I'm still 3000 or so words behind.
I will fix this readily enough.

I'm behind on NaNoWriMo because reasons (distractions, trying to find work, interviewing, and so forth.) If I can write 13951 words in the next two days, I'll be caught up.
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