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Spent this weekend trying out Paddle Boarding & Big thanks to ! (Pensacola Beach Location Rocks!) 

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Labels ~ Only way I manage my 20k worth of gmails in one account! Great tips :)
Here are three #GmailTips  for cleaning up a messy label list:
1. Drag your lesser-used labels into the "More" section. They're only a click away, but no longer causing clutter.
2. Set your labels to "Show if unread." Labels that don't have any new messages in them will automatically move into the "More" section.
3. Use nested labels to organize your labels into groups that you can collapse and expand.

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Sometimes when you are living the dream...You get hurt. It doesn't mean you can't take time to heal. Just be sure when you do ~ Put on those skates & it is Time to Roll again! (I was not re-injured during the making of this video)

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By some stats there are more females than males in the US...Yet as a female, I am also considered (based on gender) under represented in government, under paid, & considered a minority on the job market. Yet as an American, I work hard every day to make those statements untrue!

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We are all waiting out the storms now, but this is a before pic :) Navarre Beach = Home Sweet Home :)
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