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SSSnake Earrings
These are decidely cool don't you think?  They look very sensual entwined around your ears, as if whispering sweet-nothings or suggesting something naughty.....   Temptation

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Talk About Statement Earrings!
When I first heard of them I thought: now
how are these supposed to work, time-releasing hormones directly into the ears?   Surely they can’t be all that
comfortable to wear…but what a statement they make!   I’m talking about IUD earrings – Intra Uterus Dev...

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The Top Accessory Trends for Spring
Happy 2015 dear friends.   After a prolonged period of festive
celebrations we are all returning to the grind of daily life!   But it really all that blue and dreary is
it?   Let us anticipate Spring and what
the new year will bring. Having read Vogue’s pie...

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Happy Holidays
As the year draws to a close, I wish you
all a very Merry Christmas indeed and a marvelous 2015 ahead.   This holiday season is especially meaningful
as the world finds itself at a crossroad.   On the one hand we see so much political strife and economic tr...

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5 Must-know Rules for Wearing Christmas Jewelry & Earrings
Christmas is approaching, it is a season to
be jolly. It is also a season to be surprised... the season for Christmas parties at work,
home and all over town. Many people add Christmas jewelry to their outfits this
time of year without knowing the fashion r...

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Pearl Earrings As Cute As a Button
It is a very interesting phrase, Cute as a Button . The original expression
I believe was “acute or as clever as a button”...... referring to the shine of bright buttons.
Some may say it as making reference to a bird or a flower known as a bachelor’s

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The Many Kinds of Earrings
I thought I knew about earrings, and I took some pride in that.   But after talking to someone at a shop
recently while browsing, I was given a short little lesson on just how little I did
know. First, a bit of neat naval history. The Pirates and sea farers...

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An Exciting Jewelry Trend: Double-sided Earrings
For many women, choosing their earrings for
the day is part of the fun of being feminine. Earrings set the tone for the
whole outfit. And a new jewelry trend is like finding a buried treasure. A look
you didn’t even know existed until you find the jewelry i...

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Earrings Evolution
Ear piercing is one of the oldest and most
widespread forms of body modification.    Earrings have been worn for thousands of
years, with finds dating back to around 3000 BC, and have adorned the ears for
reasons other than simple decoration.     Ancient Me...

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Bali Beauty, Art and Jewelry
I just took a much deserved holiday on the
island of Bali.   It wasn’t my first
visit, and I did my best to steer clear of the usual tourist spots filled with
cheap T-shirts and overflowing beer. As far away from the madding crowd I
strove to be, and I larg...
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