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So many Questions
So little time

There were so many comments on my post about Kryptonite Candy, I have reached my comments limit (500) so I will answer as many questions as I can in this post.  If you are making anything glow-in-the dark, or UV-glowing, please share, I would enjoy seeing and sharing your projects.  If you try this project at home, and have questions, please feel free to reach out to me, if I don't know the answer I'll find someone who does.
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+Ruth Choi says, "Would it make your Mouth glow... while you eat it?"   Ruth, I think it might.  The UV/Black light makes your teeth fluoresce, if you had the candy in your mouth, it would glow, as well as your tongue, likely!
+Jacquana Broughton asked where we do this, Jacquana, we are located in Sebastopol California in the USA, we have Make Labs, and some outdoor locations on our Campus.  Some of the Camp Counselors are doing their presentations from other locations, though.
Recently I saw where one of our big box stores was offering outdoor paint that glows in the dark. I thought about getting a can and painting the steps leading to our front porch with it. My wife wasn't keen on the idea...
+BRADLEY LEARIEL SASMAN and a few others asked about the Ingredients, The original post includes this list:

_-A vitamin B2 pill (just ask in your pharmacy, or on (half a pill is enough)) (the one I used had 15mg per capsule and I used three capsules, don't use more than that, it will not enhance the effect)
-green food coloring
-mint oil (or any other type of oil to give your candy a nice taste)
-aluminium foil and/ or powdered sugar and quartz crystals (or something else to make the forms)
-UV light
-a small pot
-candy thermometer_

along with step by step instructions
+manjul singh and a few others ask if this is safe to consume.  The Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) is a common food additive, and is available online, and in your grocery chemist or pharmacy.  It is a water soluble vitamin tablet or capsule.  The other ingredients are Water, food-safe food coloring, and flavoring, such as what you would use to flavor cake icing, and common sugar.
One comment shared a great Idea, about using toothpick to make little suckers!  I like that idea a lot.
+Linda Muncak Mentioned that because she is Diabetic this would not be right for her.  Very true, since it is basically sugar.  But one could make all sorts of things with the mix, it does not have to be edible.  We discussed making flat little 'candies' that could hang from the trees or windows, and have a UV/Black light near them for illumination. No eating required.
+arbinitnut rd asked, "candy that glows in the dark? It's not supposed to be eaten rite? I mean, it will shine in stomach through skin?" Although it says "Glow in the Dark" it actually requires a Ultra Violet Light source to make it Fluoresce.   The Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) "Glows" or more accurately - "Fluoresces" only when the UV light source throws Protons at it and they bounce off.
+Sean Mahoney said, "My 10 year old will love you for this, you just made me super dad, Thank You!~XD" Hey, us Dad's have to help each other out once in a while!  Be sure to involve him, that memory will last his whole life.
+David Cyrus and a few others were asking about finding a UV/Black light source.  They can easily be found on the internet, some Hardware stores have them, too. Use Google Search to shop and find a local distributer near you, just look for Ultra Violet Light, and find what is right for your situation, I prefer the Flashlight, but they are usually more expensive than just a bulb that would fit into an existing fixture.
+Wendy Cohoon brought up a great question that I don;t know the answer to (But I'll go looking!) "I tried making bubbles glow with a glow stick broken in to the bubble mixture, it make the bubble mixture glow for a bit but the bubbles didn't glow.
Wonder if the quinine in tonic water would stay in the candy after the water is boiled down?"
+Lisa Hogan Autry asked: "hm, how do jellyfish make their glow?" During the video presentation we talked about the differences between bioluminescence and fluorescence, +Ben L explained it quite well.  Circle him up and ask him for some follow-up knowledge.
+Ryan Thai asked, "Does this work and is it safe ... What's it taste like ?" It is safe, containing only water, sugar, Vitmin B-2 (Riboflavin) food color and artificial, or all-natural flavoring. in the video (Maker Camp Day Eight: Kryptonite Candy with John Johns) we do talk about some different flavoring ideas, it's really up to you to experiment.
+Russell Davison brought up a good point, "Warning! Only use wooden or metal utensils. Plastic utensils melt into the candy and so you have to avoid eating the plastic when it cools down." We used wooden, and silicone utensils, but PLastic would likely melt in the 300 degree F hot sugar.
+Sarah Rasor a kindred spirit says, "Thanks!! This is awesome! I'm always looking for good Halloween ideas! I plan all year long!" Tell us more!  I hit up garage and yard sales all year long, and search for good ideas early, since some projects take longer than a few days.  (Shameless Plug) some of our +MAKE magazine Halloween issues are great starting places! (
+Maria Nedelcu said, "Looks like antifreeze... +Jonathan Johns but the idea of glow in the dark candy is awesome ! Thanks...gonna make it with my kids..!" The photo is very bright green, just like anti-freeze, but you can make it almost any color you'd like, get an assortment of food colors, and try for blue, or orange, or pink or yellow. (Make it with your kids, and share some results photos with us.)
+Roxie Harlin commented, "Radioactive substances destroy the cells of your body - Don't even think of making this deadly candy!" And she is partly correct!  If this candy was radio active.  But since it is really just sugar, water, Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) and food coloring and flavoring, it is not radioactive at all, and perfectly safe, and not radioactive at all.
+Sherif Kholeif bring some scientific insights, "I have some doubts about the safety of the product. First, food coloring (natural or artificial?) anyway is mixed with flavored oil and vitamin B2 up to 300o (Fahrenheit or Celsius? - better be in oF), assuming it is up to 300oF (about 149oC). There is probably a chemical reaction going on and new products are created. It is the new products being created what's making me in doubt about the safety of the product. Vitamin B2 has a melting point of 280-290oC (decomposes). Any analysis of the resulting product being reported?" We are not reporting any post analysis, but if you;d like to, we'd post the results!  The food coloring (Natural, or artificial) is added at the end, as is the flavoring.  The B-2 may or may not be breaking down under temperature, but what would be the "New Product" created?
+Hannah Ferguson asked, "That may look good, but cant the substance causing the glowing be poisenious? (I cant spell) Just wondering..." The glowing is cause by the reflection of Ultra Violet Light, so it is not glowing internally, it is just reflecting.  The basic ingredients contain no toxins.
+Jonathan Johns Thanks for your reply. If the temperature reported is in degrees Celsius, then B2 won't decompose, however, a chemical reaction may take place and the product will depend on the type of flavoring, coloring agent, other ingredients, cooking time, etc... An analytical lab can analyze the mixture on cold, then the resulting product using the same solvent(s) and an HPLC instrument. If the ingredients after cooking remain similar to those analyzed on cold, then the safety of the product will depend only on the type of ingredients added (no new products created). However, if there is a new product created, then this will require more investigation using a GC-MS or an MS instrument to identify the new product. All I hope is that the ingredients remain unchanged after cooking. For coloring agents, please use natural products as well as for flavoring. Some natural and safe coloring products when used in recommended doses are: E100 (yellow-orange), E140 (green), E160a (orange to red), ...If you would like to decrease the amount of sugar used, you can use some natural or safe sweeteners added at the end of the cooking process.
I would love to share! But it make take me a few days to get picks and descriptions for you! Last year we built (and I took a blow torch to for effect) a life-size coffin. The year before that the focus was spiders-we did an entire porch enclosed in webs and spiders, complete with giant homemade spider egg-sacks hanging from the ceiling. One year was cemeteries and tombstones, i now have a take apart cemetery that I LOVE that covers a huge part of our porch. One of my favs though is our collection of homemade black-light reactive potion bottles! We always have black lights mounted around the house during the fall and they are killer! I have an oozing cauldron that looks great, is easy and inexpensive to make and lasts forever, and since I already made all the mistakes, you don't have to! I have to finish my mounted head on a platter this year, but it is coming along nicely! I have a lot of work for the next week, but give me some time and I can put together pics, directions, hints and tips. I'm always looking for new and creative projects! Oh and creepy but fantastic tasting foods too! Those are the hardest to find without repeating stuff every year!
+Sarah Rasor You are too cool!  I want to see pics of everything you make this year, and a virtual walk-thru video.  You'r place sounds amazing!  After the presentation, the Counselors and I had a follow-up hangout and discussed some other things we could do with the Sugar mixture other than candy.  If it is treated simply as a medium, one could make thin colored translucent "Panes" of faux stained glass...  A creepy glowing stained glass window in a faux creepy mausoleum?  Yes Please!  And about food, last year I tried my hand (Pardon the pun) at the dreaded severed hand meatloaf - have you made that yet?  My Buddy David also makes a killer make-your-own Bloody Mary station.  I'll be working on a post for that this year, too.  Keep in touch!
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