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Making candy can be fun, but making candy that glows in the dark? I think that is super-fun.
This is a project you'll definitely need a partner to help with - because it involves high heat and dangerous hot sticky sugar that can burn you - and because this is the kind of fun that is best when shared.

Here's a list of tools and ingredients (I'll talk about substitutions later)

-250 g sugar
-A vitamin B2 pill (just ask in your pharmacy, or on (half a pill is enough)) (the one I used had 15mg per capsule and I used three capsules, don't use more than that, it will not enhance the effect)
-green food coloring
-mint oil (or any other type of oil to give your candy a nice taste)
-aluminium foil and/ or powdered sugar and quartz crystals (or something else to make the forms)
-UV light
-a small pot
-candy thermometer

Got everything? Great. I’ve included the steps below, or you can refer to my photo walkthrough here:

Step 1

First gather your ingredients: sugar, electric green food coloring, your favorite flavored oil, and the magic touch, vitamin B2 capsules to make them glow.
To make the candy you'll also need a stove, pot, candy thermometer, aluminum foil, quartz crystals to make the molds with, and rice to hold up the molds.
Before cooking, prepare your molds by covering the quartz crystals in aluminum foil, then carefully pulling the foil apart, leaving an impression.

Step 2

You can also make long strips of candy by folding the foil lengthwise and curling up the ends so the candy doesn't leak out.
Set your molds into the pan of rice to maintain their shape.

Step 3  

Dissolve three capsules of vitamin B2 in 150mL of water (5/8 cup), and measure out 1.25 cups of sugar.
Using your candy thermometer, mix in the sugar and B2/water mix until the solution gets to 200 degrees. Then stop mixing and wait for the temperature to reach 300.

Step 4  

Now it's time to work fast. Add your food coloring and flavoring and quickly stir, then start pouring your molds with a ladle.

Step 5

Wait until the candy has solidified, and carefully pull them from the molds.
Congratulations, you've made UV-sensitive Kryptonite candy. Hold them under a UV light for the best effect, and enjoy!

We’ll be talking more about glowing candy in a Hangout today at noon PST, so tune in. And don’t forget to take pictures of yoru candy before you eat it! 

Special thanks to those who taught me how to do this: +Becky Stern  and +Michael Colombo  (And the man who held my hand, +Nick Raymond )
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Actually +Matt Richardson shot the original video footage from which Colombo took stills! He is (semi) falsely credited in the mag. Thx for posting JJ!
Looks like a lab... :)
Photo walk link:
What a bright idea!
Looks like a recipe for making the fluid that goes in glow sticks..... Yeah let's pour it on that cat over there 
Hahahaha do u really think anyone will go on for it?? 👻
Make sure you make it at midnight and not a minute before! :) haha
OMG!  I'm gonna have to make this for Halloween!!!!
Very cool - my kids would love this.  Definitely something to try out for Halloween.
First impression before reading the link is: How many fireflies did you need to catch to make that?  Look fun.
The grandgirls are coming this week. Looks like a great project!
so cool!!!One of my teachers when i was in grade school mde that!It was cool!!!
Cool I like this... I might try to make it
This looks so...bizarre, I love it:)
See the blue lights through the window...we gota meth lab
I am always sooo excited to see posts like this!!! Can't wait to surprise my husband!:)
imagine if invisible persn ate it and turned of the lights!! :D
Cool how do you know how to make it !!??
after you eat it guess what else will glow in the dark...
I'm ready!
Want to glowwwww!
Now that's cool! I didn't even know glow in the dark candy existed lol
GOD created this earht am i right now wat in GODS heavenly earth is that??? is it slime
My good I love it!! Must show my dad so we can do it together in the lab
Instead of a stove, maybe a Bunsen burner would suffice
I can freak ppl out with this on Halloween
The photo link is giving me an error, anyone else?
What a wonderfull project to do it :-D ♥
R Baker
Totally glow-in-the-dark awesome!
Making science is so much fun. :-)
That may look good, but cant the substance causing the glowing be poisenious? (I cant spell) Just wondering...
i think so i will never in my whole eating glowing candy :D
It looks gross but my grandsons would love it
Don't let my kid see this-I won't have any peace until we've made it.
is that bubble or the actually candy?
I have some doubts about the safety of the product. First, food coloring (natural or artificial?) anyway is mixed with flavored oil and vitamin B2 up to 300o (Fahrenheit or Celsius? - better be in oF), assuming it is up to 300oF (about 149oC). There is probably a chemical reaction going on and new products are created. It is the new products being created what's making me in doubt about the safety of the product. Vitamin B2 has a melting point of 280-290oC (decomposes). Any analysis of the resulting product being reported?
all blew up... now got the only gree house on the block....
Please tell me that those temperatures are in F and not C... Starting to get into dangerous territory at C
I'm gonna make it!
Drop some lsd in there and you be sorted
B.hybukkg.g. ninths nmhts
Bob.v vvv.
Vv ..vvvv believe v.cvc vcv

more like a science project than candy!!
Dont think it actually is uv sensitive which means it flouresces in ultraviolet light
that looks so cool!!!!
Thanks!! This is awesome! I'm always looking for good Halloween ideas! I plan all year long!
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wat is that:(
i wanna make one 2 but i dont wanna
wow can you eat it it sounds cool
Ohhhh........ Will reshare n have this recipe forever :-) thanks
Warning! Only use wooden or metal utensils. Plastic utensils melt into the candy and so you have to avoid eating the plastic when it cools down.
Imagine making this and eating it at a club with uv!
can i run my car on it?
AWESOME!!! it's yello!! and it even glows in da dark!! needo!
This is making meth-amphetamine i know my stuff dood.......ahh sussed
there is no way candy can glow in the dark
Typed the link into the browser. Message said: "link does not exist." Disappointed. Wanted to watch it being done. Instructions for making molds with quartz crystals, alum. foil & rice are very vague. I'll still try it!
Coolies! wonder wat it will taste like?? lolzz
Amy S.
How do you make glow in the dark candy ??!!!!!!?!?!??!?!?!????!!?
morgs p
imagine a glow in the dark hamburger
That would be cool for Halloween! Witches Brew!
Shining example as to why knowledge is l power
wow, that's pretty awesome (:
nice pict and i think that yummi
Tay Jay
wow thats really cool  im gonna try it
Wats the point of having glow in the dark candy if ur just gona eat it right after u get it??
Wow, that's really amazing! Super fun! Super like..
That is such a great idea!  It is a really good idea for Halloween!
awesome looks cool and nummy
COOL! I'm gonna try that now!o(^_^)o
Wow that sounds great I sure would want to do that but it sounds a little dangerous 
Mikey C
Wonder how many people are going to try this thinking it will really glow? :-)
done i think i messed up somewhere :(
I have done hat for Halloween a lot of fun 
What the hell, looks like radiation or something
witches boiling sorry not eating glow in dark
Does this work and is it safe ... What's it taste like ?
Don't show my kids this ill never hear the end of it.
Dude that is freakin awesome :D
does it make your mouth glow after u eat it?
omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg i want glow in the dark cake :3
Wow i never knew you could make candy that glows!
It better be tasty...
if i wake up with a third arm i'm gonna be pissed lol
That is super weird but it it's kinda cool
I tried making bubbles glow with a glow stick broken in to the bubble mixture, it make the bubble mixture glow for a bit but the bubbles didn't glow.
Wonder if the quinine in tonic water would stay in the candy after the water is boiled down?
that is so!! cool! how long does it take to make it, the candy I'm talking about. were is the ingredients??
+Alex Shing, it's the b vitamin that makes it "glow". It's only sugar and vitamins. Never good for you, either one....
its a witches brew.................... in that case i love it;]
That's candy, What kind of candy. it looks really werid.
i would eat it ..i would make some for a party for sure..
If it glows in the dark then I suppose it will be glowing in my stomach.
hahahaha green i like that color=)
That looks really cool...but also looks like something you shouldn't eat haha
wow... thats really great . i will try to prepare  in this week end.
Thank you very much +Jonathan Johns 
 wow......... dats awesome I'd love to taste the glowing candy and I will make one during this wikend...............never seen one
Eating that couldn't possibly be good for anyone. cringe
that stuff looks really weird.........
Whoa.... I totally want to try that now.
I would suggest this for science class but not for putting it in you mouth... toxic
Sammy M
can you eat it?
candy that glows in the dark? It's not supposed to be eaten rite? I mean, it will shine in stomach through skin?
You'll probably end up with glow-in-the-dark cavities...
oh no, thank you... I'm a diabetic... it will kill me... sorry...
Ya know those light bulbs that gI've off that bluish purple light which makesfluoresent colors GLOW? They're available at just about any hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, lightbulb store, sometimes grocery stores, etc ........

OOOhhh...'A' small pot. That's where I screwed up. D'oh!
This is fun and the kiddos love it! I used tooth picks and made little mini suckers!

This is fun and the kiddos love it! I used tooth picks and made little mini suckers!

This is fun and the kiddos love it! I used tooth picks and made little mini suckers!

That substance seems like it would be illegal.  But it sounds like a fun thing to do.
Its going to be great at my halloween party this year
munju s
health wise is it safe to conseume ?
boyall boyall toyal n trouble great for halloween
I agree - super fun - "Witch's Brew" without all the warts.
Amazing over a 1000 of you really think it glows in the dark. It calls for a UV/black light. So that means it doesn't glow in the dark. Doesn't anybody remember black light posters? Plus you can see the glow of the UV light
the color is very nice...
Totally awesome and amazing! Never seen any thing like it!
morgs p
punch yourself in the face if you + this
What can we do with this thing? Is it really a candy?
will it still glow after it `has passed through`? Perhaps we should put it in dog food so you don't step in dog eggs at night?!
Hey retards, its vitamin b3, repeat a VITAMIN not a a fucking poison, why don't read instead of making stupid comments.
Yes, +Chris Seim , I remember black light posters. Did you know that Vitamin D3 can be poisonous if you eat too much of it?
+colin humphries B12 actually. if you take the vitamin it makes your pee bright yellowgreen too. pretty fun for those of us who're easily entertained by bodily functions. :P
Hey +Madeline Hilyard , is that stuff you mention what they put in the rice in an Asian Restaurant to make the rice that goes with Chicken Biryani. That rice is really yellow but I've never checked the colour of the urine afterwards because we normally eat Chicken Biryani just before going to bed.
WOW~Using this kind of candy could really create a romantic room for ... (You guys know what I indicate...)
I might try it one day! Looks awesome! Something that you could do with a friend that would be really fun!👍✌
can i have the ingredients seems that i cant expand the post..
This is great! Definitely going to try this with the kiddos...should keep them occupied for a few minutes! :)
Looks like my dog's poop!! HAhaha
i need that for halloween
would it make your whole mouth glow
while you eat it??? That would be awesome!!!! :D
My son was sock for two days vomiting and head ache he was fine until we made this he had 2 of the candies...I will not be trying any more candies from this site thank you !!!!
Sick I am sorry I was upset when typing.....
I just soak Skittles in glow stick juice.
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