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Cruz Bay

Forgot my wallet at work. +Google Wallet bought me lunch today :-) 

I've gotten into the habit of writing sarcastic replies to posts on G+, only to cancel them before I post them. Because really, I just wanted to write it for myself, and so many people won't get them, that it's not worth it.

Also, I post things on G+ that I don't care about people reading. Don't care more so in the vein of, I don't care that people won't be reading this. G+ = venting.

I'm very happy that +Barack Obama won. He isn't perfect, but I do believe in his overall vision for America. It is not one that promotes a welfare state, but one that enables anyone to work themselves to wherever they need to be. 

I hope that the GOP goes under a true reformation after this loss. I have no qualms with general conservatism. But the GOP NEEDS to take one critical point from Democrats, they need to move forward. They need to evolve. Their social policies have to be modernized. Party members who espouse themselves to out dated and gross lines involving individual liberties need to be ostracized. They need to embrace science. That sounds so ridiculous to say, but you're not allowed to replace scientific concession with your beliefs. When you put your faith before hard data, you are simply skirting responsibility.

I want the GOP to start coming to the middle. I want them to push transparency. They have a golden opportunity here to reform to be a party for the people. They need to push transparency. They need to focus on efficient government over minimalist government. We're too complex a nation to be left with minimal oversight. They need to realize that you can  be pro-business and still regulate business.

I don't mean to ramble. This country is still in a critical state. We need everyone to work together now. 

Goodnight and God Bless America.

Seriously, the more I read about the #bullmooseparty  the more I believe we need it back. Compassionate conservatism, efficient progressivism, with an overlay of transparency. 

I simply don't understand how people say that we've lost rights under Obama. You're free to openly criticize the party in power without fear of being detained. Seriously, can anyone name one right they don't have now that they did have 4 years ago? 

Not sure what the Sprint acquisition will mean for consumers. Here's hoping that if they start turning to be more Verizonesque that T-Mobile will see significant growth. If T-Mo + Metro gives a great network, next phone may just be a Nexus with them.

Is anyone else getting real sick of the phrase "doubled down?"

How do you run a budget surplus? #arithmetic
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