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Teledirect - Best Outsourced Contact Centre
Asia-Pacific’s Best Large Outsourced Contact Centre. 20 Years of Industry Experience. Exemplary talent. Excellent tools. Expert technology.
Asia-Pacific’s Best Large Outsourced Contact Centre. 20 Years of Industry Experience. Exemplary talent. Excellent tools. Expert technology.

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Our growth in the last 12 months in the region has been unprecedented and we welcome all our new clients to Teledirect from various industries. Thank you for trusting us to partner with you in delivering award-winning customer services for your brands. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to ensure that service quality and performance always exceed expectations.

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Teledirect Singapore’s Training Executive, Kan Chee Wee, provides knowledge and the latest information to new hires and existing team members through training. In addition, he listens to the calls of the officers to ensure quality and supports with appropriate coaching. This is a way for him to understand what are the challenges they face to determine the needed training.

“There isn’t a typical day, every day I am learning new things, be it knowledge from the project or unique experiences from my superiors, peers or even the officers,” says the training executive.

Chee Wee understands that technology is constantly progressing and keeps himself and his team updated on all things market and industry related. “Sharing is my passion, learning is my joy.”

Strong-minded Chee Wee says his mother taught him the power of determination, persistence and resilience, which are values he lives by. When he’s not in the office, Chee Wee enjoys jogging as well as reading and he has an impressive collection of over 400 titles in his library.

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Great turnout at Teledirect Malaysia’s Got Talent semi-finals. Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to everyone who made the cut. We look forward to seeing all of you at the finals next week, Good Luck!
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Teledirect Singapore’s ‘Around the World’ themed Dinner and Dance celebrated a year of hard work and great performance. It was an opportunity to honour and appreciate employees as well as showcase the diversity that makes Teledirect one of the most fun and colourful places to work.

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Gaurav Hirey, our Group HR Director spoke to Human Resources - Asia’s leading source of HR-related news about Teledirect’s adoption of cloud-based talent platform to enhance candidate, customer & employee experience:

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2017 has been a successful year for Teledirect and the 56 local and regional industry awards we have won testify to our commitment and investment into making Teledirect Telecommerce “the Best Provider of Customised Solutions.”

8 Awards from the Thai Contact Centre Trade Association (TCCTA)
17 Awards from the Contact Centre Association of Malaysia (CCAM)
11 Awards from the Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS)
20 Awards from the Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL)

We thank all the teams at Teledirect and the valued clients that trust us to be their partners in delivering great customer service.

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Ricardo Quisay Jr is a Team leader at Teledirect Philippines. His role is to shape and motivate agents to grow and deliver outstanding customer service for our client in the hospitality industry.

Ricardo starts his day by checking on his agents, then checks his emails, cascade reminders, goals and finally, shares the current performance stats. He acknowledges the team’s wins and celebrates them. He also listens to calls and finds the best way to help resolve outliers. He also shares the best practices to help the team grow and meet targets effectively.

“When a team reaches its potential, they all grow to become better individuals and better team players. It's a win-win situation for both the employees and Teledirect,” he explained, "I have been in this position for a little over a year and I absolutely love that each day brings a new challenge. It is imperative for me to know that I am making a difference. Seeing them improve from zero to greatness brings me joy and it is tremendously rewarding.”

To wind down, Ricardo enjoys reading, watching movies, anime, play online games and indulging in online shopping.

Explore endless opportunities to grow your career with us:

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During the last Customer Service Week, Teledirect Malaysia hosted at Learning Festival where industry experts shared the best practices on an array of topics. This week we look back at “Make ‘Healthy’ a Lifestyle” by Jason Tan.
Jason Tan is a Category Nutritionist at one of the world's largest food and beverage company. He’s a Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons) graduate from International Medical University (IMU) Malaysia. He shared some practical tips on choosing a meal that is balanced and yet tasty at the same time while touching on importance of physical activity and picking the “healthier” options when eating out. He says, “Make ‘Healthy’ a Lifestyle, it simply means healthy is not a once in a while kind of approach but a lifelong decision that we can take each day.”
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Teledirect Japan celebrated their first-year anniversary and the achievements of our incredible staff. This is a testimony to our commitment to delivery excellence across the region. We look forward to strengthening our rapport with clients and become the globally trusted partner in the BPO industry throughout Asia-Pacific.

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Congratulations to Teledirect Malaysia for their 5-3 victory over Teledirect Singapore at the first ever Teledirect Regional Futsal Championship! A special thank you to all the players for their teamwork and supporters for coming out to cheer both teams on. It was a great match and most importantly, we enjoyed ourselves.

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