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Tieks, Glorious Tieks
Okay, let’s talk about Tieks .  For those of you who haven’t noticed or have blissfully ignored my constant Tieks updates over the past few weeks, first of all, what are you doing reading this? Second of all, some background on why I’m actually writing this...

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7 Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Before My Twenties
I’m turning 24 in 65 days and a few odd hours. I understand that this still means a great deal of my life is still ahead of me and that I am still a youth in many eyes. This being said, I find something slightly disheartening about the prospect of being in ...

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Love Languages And Daisies: A Study In Love And Gift Giving
I make it a point to buy myself flowers. Daisies, to be exact. They are, after all, my favorite and if you go to the grocery store, you can get a florescent bunch for about $7. Even in between pay days, if I can scrape together some quarters, a big gerbera ...
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