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Deven Neel (Devodeven)
Volunteer, Japan lover, writer, student for life. (日本語でのコメントもどうそ!)
Volunteer, Japan lover, writer, student for life. (日本語でのコメントもどうそ!)

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これを聴きながら作業すると、ストレスなどは飛んで行きますね。 癒されます~

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近江八幡市 日牟礼八幡宮
X-Pro1 60mm

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"My wise father said that you can tell what part of a corporate life cycle a company is in by the credentials of the CEO and executive staff: start-ups have creative professions which include engineers and scientists to imagine new ideas, products and markets for a new company; young adult companies have sales and marketing people to take advantage of the leading edge profit opportunities; the middle-aged company is led by process people and accountants because there is no growth left and every dime of profit comes from cost control and efficiency; and terminal phase is led by lawyers and politicians because the company must do merger & acquisition to grow, lie about its products' value and have legal cover, or must go through "probate". " From one of the replies at

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If you are a Vine user, check out the #Kanji tag! There are some very original ones being uploaded!

So, I'd like to hear about what everyone is hoping to take from this course, and in what ways you hope to e able to apply the things we are learning to your own lives.

I personally hope to apply some of the principles to further language study, both improving my Japanese and moving forward in studying a 3rd language. I'd also like to take another crack at web development and programming in the near future, and think that interest based learning and tinkering are great ways to go about that.

The most important thing to take away though is how to apply this to lifelong learning, I suppose! Never stop!

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I have changed this subgroup to include all of Japan, not just the Kansai area. If you're in Japan and you're interested in talking, sharing, and meeting with other LCL participants in Japan, please feel free to join!

I have created a sub-group for those of us in the Kansai area of Japan. Anyone from Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Wakayama, Nara, Shiga, Mie, even those from Shikoku or anywhere else nearby, please feel free to join!

Let's go bigger! Let's make this the community for LCL members all over Japan. Anyone is welcome to join, both those "officially" signed up and those just participating. Please share this community with any others you know here in Japan.

We might only be a small group in Kansai, but I think it might be nice to get to know each other. If you know of anyone else in the area, please feel free to invite them! Also, it doesn't have to be restricted to those who are officially signed up for the course, but will be open to anyone who has an interest.

Let's start with introductions!

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Hey all, I'm a bit late to the party, but I am currently living and working in Osaka! I used to live up in Tohoku, but I finally made my way down to Osaka, where I've wanted to be, last fall.

I noticed a few of you on the map, but are there any Japan-based members out there?

I'm in Osaka, myself. I've teamed up with another LCLer nearby, but we would love to hear from others!
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