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The FARC continued its offensive against government forces in the Catatumbo region; they also ambushed an army unit in Tibú (North of Santander). Meanwhile, the ELN attacked police in a rural section of the El Tarra municipality.
The president of the National Federation of City Councilors proclaimed that 5,000 city councilors have been threatened throughout Colombia.
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Counting the Cost: Casualty recording practices and realities around the world.

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Unknown gunmen assassinated the governor of an indigenous community in the town of Nasa – the first such murder in the department of Putumayo in nine months. The last time something of this nature occurred was on 15 July 2013, when the FARC murdered an indigenous governor of the Awá tribe.

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Matando moscas con bazucas, el ejército en la ciudad.
La militarización en entornos urbanos es una solución ineficaz y poco integral: la disuasión al crimen “mostrando los dientes” o sacar el armamento a la calle, no resuelve el problema de la inseguridad.

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Lo que ocurrió en materia de conflicto armado y violencia política de Colombia, leálo en 5 minutos en nuestro Diario de Conflicto y Paz.

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#Recomendado  Tipología de los municipios de Colombia según el conflicto armado interno #CERAC  
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