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Linda Calderone
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Linda Calderone

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My word count is only 22,097.  It would be much higher if I hadn't lost my antagonist somewhere along the way!  The only stress my characters are feeling is the morass of a boring story!
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Linda, best way not to lose your antagonist is to dip into Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder. Although he wrote it for screenwriters, many of his suggestions apply equally to novelists. I have read and re-read his book many times, studied it in depth, anguished over it, and finally agreed to use his method.

The result has been a much better writing experience. I found that using The Board, and plotting more carefully what the main turning points of the novel are, worked wonders for me.

If you would like a quick entry into Snyder's book, dip into the Save the Cat label on the right hand side of my author blog (at ) to read some posts I wrote about his methods.

And for a detailed but very effective summary of his book, sign up on by blog site for my emails (no obligations and you can easily unsubscribe), and you will receive over a few weeks my summary of his method, and of his book. It covers all his 15 beats plus short notes on the rest of his recommendations (the pope in the pool method to add backstory; making characters memorable by giving them a Limp and an Eyepatch; how to make your Bad Guys really really bad; how to add conflict to EVERY scene; how to plot three major turning points of your novel before you even start writing, and many many more.

And let me know if any of his ideas resonate for you via email to me at

I wish you a fast journey to find your antagonist again - he or she is hidden somewhere, waiting to pounce!

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